A Miracle in Hawaii, Fiona Miers

 Tropical Tryst, various authors
This was a short, sweet book that had a lot of what I liked.  A strong female who knew what she wanted, was a hard worker, didn't play her looks against her business talents, and confident in who she was.  Romance with a clueless dude that had a past of hurt is never easy and Samara had an even more difficult time because not only was she dealing with his trust issues, she also had physical difficulties that made for more stress on her own without Julian's trouble.  The way that they came together was in turns frustrating and sweet.  I'm glad Julian finally figured out what was truly important.

A lot of drama was excluded from the story that wasn't pertinent to the core of Julian and Samara's relationship.  Family stuff was addressed but mainly glossed over, location and profession was dealt with by having it be a non-issue, and having trust be the only thing to overcome kept the story from having too many issues without a lot of page time to do them justice.  Everything was resolved cleanly and sweetly and their passion for one another didn't wane.  Overall, this was a sweet and sexy story that had two strong people finding love and healing with one another.

I read and willingly reviewed this for the author, Fiona Miers.

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