Then Came You: The Youngers Book 1, Iris Morland

Then Came You (Love Everlasting) (The Youngers) by [Morland, Iris]

Life and love are hardly ever what we imagine they will be.  When two lonely people meet they put one another on a path that will lead to love if they're open to it.  But if they're not, they'll be stuck forever in isolation without the freedom and peace that comes from truly fulfilling love.  Both Ash and Violet will have to decide if their pride is more important than happiness and their hearts.

From the very start of the story I was drawn to Ash and his carefree cockiness that hid something sweet and vulnerable.  I loved Violet's sass and inner strength.  Their first interaction was exciting, funny, and engaging.  Once things heat up it's clear that their passion was going to be intense and life-changing for them.  Their personalities had the potential to be a great match for one another and I was looking forward to watching them grow closer and struggle to make their connection last.

 Then Came You: The Youngers Book 1, Iris Morland

And struggle they did.  Unfortunately, I found the couple quite impulsive and reactionary.  Each of these characters also spend a lot of time in their own heads which exacerbates their issues with one another.  Despite the lives they've lived I found them both a bit immature.  And while I can absolutely understand where each of them are coming from, I'm a bit more on Ash's side of things.  I value honesty so very highly that I was disappointed in Violet when she got so very upset for Ash showing her the truth of things.

Following on the heels of my disappointment in Violet came the disappointment in Ash for being so caustic toward Violet's deceased husband.  Seeing the financial discrepancies but not trying to dig deep enough or offer Violet support in finding where the money actually went was petty and I thought he was better than that.  The way he was so negative about William was difficult to swallow.  I had my own hard feelings for William when we hear how unsupportive he seemed regarding Violet's business and her money management, but we're only getting one side of things.

Well, one side and then a biased third person who's trying to show he's better than her dead husband instead of just doing his best to prove he's the best for her here now and for her future.  I would have felt a lot better about Ash if he hadn't been so biased and intolerant toward William and then for him to throw it in Violet's face was the epitome of uncool.

 Then Came You: The Youngers Book 1, Iris Morland

Violet seemed to enjoy guilt, blame, and being a martyr.  I mean, it's not like anyone will actually admit to liking those things, but I believe it's what we keep close and choose to hold on to that shows what we enjoy above all others.  In Violet's case she seemed to want to take responsibility for the actions of other adults just because of her loneliness and guilt.  She refused to see another side of things, refused to see that her mother-in-law chose to do what she did, that William reacted just as badly as she did.  That attitude grew tiresome very, very quickly.

And even though all that ranting and criticism makes it seem like I viewed this story less-than favorably, I actually liked the story.  There was an overwhelming sense of redemption, healing, and forgiveness throughout the entire story.  We're not all rational humans all the time and we all react badly when we're hurt or backed into a corner.  We take the emotional cues from those around us that are important to us.  We often emulate those examples even when those role models are actually horrible warnings and sometimes it's to our detriment.

Ash struggled watching his parents' twisted version of love, he can't seem to make what he sees in Trent's relationship with Lizzie or her sibling's romances comparable to something for himself.  Even the errors of his own history don't sink in until he's faced with losing Violet.  He gets a chance to make things right for them and fully embraces who and what he is and what he can be.

 Then Came You: The Youngers Book 1, Iris Morland

Violet suffers under an immense weight from grief.  What she saw of her marriage was wonderful, soul-altering, a once-in-a-lifetime love.  But when what she knew, what she felt, all comes to a crashing halt she's unable to move on.  Helping her mother-in-law gives her purpose but her ostrich impression isn't doing anyone any good.  It isn't until a young, confident, incredibly sexy man sets his sights on her that she sees something more for her future.  If she can't shed her grief in favor of her future, if she can't make her pride make peace with humility, then her only future is a stagnant, lonely, bankrupt one.

Together they had immense potential and fell short at times.  Ultimately though, they were real people who struggled and weren't perfect.  They were the kind of people we can truly feel for because we can relate to their feelings and imperfections in a way that is unique in a romance novel.  These two damaged, sad people had so much to offer one another and my frustrations weren't strong enough to discount the fact that this book was moving, the writing was so effective that I was made to feel for and about the characters.  I'm looking forward to more from The Youngers with Thea's book, Taking a Chance on Love.

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Then Came You: The Youngers Book 1, Iris Morland

*We get a small glimpse into Trent and Lizzie's happy life,
but their journey was far from easy.
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Dream a Little Dream of Me (Love Everlasting) (The Thorntons Book 4) by [Morland, Iris]
 Dream a Little Dream of Me: The Thorntons Book 4, Iris Morland
At seventeen, Lizzie Thornton left her hometown of Fair Haven to pursue her musical dreams—and to run from Trent Younger, the boy who broke her heart. 

Now a successful singer, Lizzie returns to Fair Haven nine years later. When she runs into Trent at her brother’s wedding, she discovers he’s no longer the shy boy she left behind. He’s a sexy, confident man who knows what he wants—and what he wants is her.

When a night of passion results in unexpected consequences, Lizzie must grapple with prior heartbreak and with accepting that she still loves the one man she could never forget.

Trent Younger grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, and he fought tooth and nail to establish himself as one of the most successful restaurateurs in Fair Haven. Yet he’s never forgotten Lizzie Thornton, the girl he adored, the same girl who left him to pick up the pieces of his life after tragedy struck them both.

As Trent uncovers the layers of Lizzie’s guarded heart, he realizes that he doesn’t just want her in his bed. He wants her in his life—forever. 

Yet even as love rekindles, their pasts threaten to drive them apart. Unless they confront their demons, Lizzie and Trent may jeopardize a love that has already withstood the test of time.

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