Review Policy

Will I accept books to review? 

You bet!

I accept just about any offer to review books from authors who need reviewers.  This does not mean, however, that I will continue to read for that author if I was totally turned off by the book I've been requested to read.  I will give a fair and timely review and then discreetly let that author know that I am not in the market to further review any of their books because they're just not my cup of tea, you know?  If there are release dates that conflict with the amount of books I have already agreed to read and review by the same date, I will be upfront if I cannot read the book in a timely manner.

Similarly with publishers, I know they represent different authors so it's not always a clear cut relationship there.  If my reviewing style doesn't jive with their policies then we can amicably part ways, but until that time, I'm very open to any requests.

What won't I read?

This is actually a short list because I'll read most everything at least once.  I prefer not to read non-fiction.  Romance in almost any form is what I gravitate toward but I am typically not interested in hardcore BDSM no matter how much love might drive the story.  I do not enjoy ménage.  I have been okay with a couple books featuring triads, but this is an exception, not the rule.  Other than that, most things are decided on a book-by-book basis because what I hate in one book can be really well done and moving in another.

Which formats should you send?

E-books!  Most authors send .mobi and that typically works the best.  While I don't exactly love the kindle app, it's the easiest for sending and downloading.  It's also easier to read than .pdf on my iPad, but I'll gladly accept .pdf files because I can read that on a number of devices.  I always have issues with .epub so we'll make things easy and just say stick to .mobi or .pdf files.

Hard copies are awesome to have but not as convenient because they're not as portable or infant-friendly.  I also don't trust Canada Post because I've never had a good experience with them.

Where do you send new requests?

Email me at the address on my profile or post a public comment here or on the And this is me... post.


  1. Would you be interested in reviewing my upcoming MM romantic suspense - Edge of Forever? It's 103,000 words and about an American cowboy who goes to Russia to teach Russians how to be cowboys. I have a release date of 31st May 2108 - my email - bjel at

  2. Hello,
    Would love for you to read my book. It's a paranormal read called Broken Bones. It's 75,731. It's m/m and romance. It has a happy ending.