Too Far Gone: Adirondack Pack Book 1, K.C. Stewart

Too Far Gone (Adirondack Pack Book 1) by [Stewart, K.C.]

How broken does a soul have to be before it's too late to be saved?  Tyson is quickly reaching the point of no return.  His humanity is being swallowed by his wolf half after a devastating event in his past that caused him to run from his home and pack.  And just when he's determined to let it overtake him he catches a human woman traipsing through the forest with no care to predators or safety.  Two things surprise him, though; his wolf is just as captivated by the woman and he's not the only one.  An evil from his past that set him on his current course isn't just following her like he is, he's stalking her.  His own retreat will have to wait until he can be sure the woman is safe from the monster, but it's not just the monster from his past he'll save her from, it's also the monster within himself.

Sadie's got a past that most people couldn't dream of happening to them.  She's had to defend herself brutally and is suffocating and panicking with all the scrutiny that came of that horrific event.  Finding solace in a little town near the wilderness of the Adirondacks she's looking forward to a fresh start and healing.  Trouble finds her, though, and so does a strange wolf companion that just might save her from it all, she just didn't expect what that would mean for her future.

Both Tyson and Sadie are broken inside and their broken souls call out to one another.  They have an intense and tender connection that could prove vital to happiness for both of them.  I liked reading about their interactions with Tyson as a wolf named Fred.  (I totally agree, by the way, about Sadie's feelings regarding the movie Drop Dead Fred.  Totally loved it and her mentioning it made me look it up so I could watch it.)  And when Sadie finally starts to get involved in the town's goings on she fits in quite well.  There's a dynamic in the town that speaks to secrets and relationships she can't understand but they're written well so they seem more like a tight-knit community she could find home in rather than a scary place full of secrets trying to keep the outsiders away.

The story is written in three parts with the first being from Sadie's POV, the second is Tyson's, and the third is mostly back and forth.  I don't know if I liked that but I will say that it kept the mystery of how feral Tyson was pretty relevant.  It gave a greater sense of mystery to the whole set up with Jack and made you wonder just how Tyson was going to protect Sadie from him.  I'm not sure I agree with the scene with Vincent at the big pack meeting.  What we were led to believe about his intentions and then his jumping in later as more was both confusing and unnecessary.  It made me doubt his honesty regarding her and what role he'll play going forward.  The confrontation between him and Tyson didn't really strengthen the story or make Tyson's reveal to Sadie any more momentous either.

Speaking of the reveal, it was a bit lackluster.  What it was, though, was heartfelt and honest.  I thought the lack of consummation was appropriate for the characters.  There's a lot of healing that needs to happen both mentally and emotionally before they'll be ready to begin that portion of their lives.  I'm looking forward to reading In Pursuit to see the development of their relationship, despite additional drama promised by the synopsis.

Overall the story was good.  I liked that the plot was relatively simple, that there weren't any extra complications to increase drama where it was unnecessary.  Tyson's past, Jack, Sadie's last encounter with Jack, and their emotional turmoil was plenty.  Romance-wise there was little development but a really touching foundation was built that made me not mind so much that this wasn't a book full of super steamy shifter love.  This series is off to a great start with an interesting cast, complicated problems, emotional moments, and so much potential.  I'm really looking forward to continuing the series to get to know them all and to see Sadie and Tyson grow in the periphery as they fit into the Adirondack Pack more fully.

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 Too Far Gone: Adirondack Pack Book 1, K.C. Stewart

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