Omega's Rockstar: Baby Makes Three Book 4, Bella Bennet

Omega's Rockstar: M/M Non-Shifter Alpha/Omega MPREG (Baby Makes Three Book 4) by [Bennet, Bella]

I liked Seth for his evolution as a moody, entitled brat to someone who acted with love and compassion.  He did mess up, quite hugely actually, but the groveling and knowing exactly what he was apologizing for went a long way to redeeming him for me.  He wasn't perfect, no one is, but his commitment to Mike was really great, especially because he grew to know his limitations and faults and was determined to never take him for granted again.

Mike was an interesting character with strength and honesty as his best traits.  I don't know that I saw him as dynamic because he didn't really go through a lot of change throughout the story.  Even the relationship didn't make him realize anything big that he needed to change to be the best partner to Seth he could be.  He just was.  He wasn't bad, though, his consistency and ability to feel and discuss things with Seth when things were beginning to go wrong showed the kind of strength that was not just admirable, it was ideal for being a good partner.  His sister had a tiny part in the story but she was honestly more intriguing than he was.  Same went for her boss, David, from Omega's Attorney.

The passion here was definitely present even if they spent a good portion of the story avoiding and denying it.  When they finally got together it was like all the angst and frustration disappeared.  They definitely had a long way to go to building their relationship but it was a really great start.  Seth was all in and he was truly on the mend finally.  He'd always be an addict, but with his heart full of music and love he could grow into the man he was always meant to be.  Mike had some hangups but his honesty about them put him on the right track as well.  I liked where they were headed both before and after Seth's selfish, cruel screw-up.

The story was quite long and I don't think a lot of the set-up was necessary.  If it were streamlined it would have been more compelling.  This was my first book by this author so I'm not quite sure if I like the writing style.  With shorter, choppy sentences the prose didn't flow and I had a hard time engaging with the story itself because of it.  Overall, however, this story was surprisingly well-rounded.  I didn't like what Seth did but his before and after showed maturity and awareness.  His ability to be honest with himself when he had his various wake-up calls was laudable.  Mike was a good match for him even if he didn't inspire a ton of feels for me.  I liked where they ended up and would be willing to read more books by this author.

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 Omega's Rockstar: Baby Makes Three Book 4, Bella Bennet

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