Wild Talk: Temptation is Calling Book 1, Dani Antoinette

Wild Talk: Temptation Is Calling by [Antoinette, Dani]

Funny banter, sexy interactions, and a surprising amount of heart.  Madeline is cute, quirky, and comfortable in her own skin.  When a confrontation in front of the restrooms brings her face to face with the guy distracting her from her douche of a date she's surprised, confused, grateful, annoyed, and most of all, incredibly turned on.  Mason is just as intrigued by Madeline.  She's a job for him and then very quickly, she's not.

The book was easy to read and quick to finish but that doesn't mean it wasn't interesting or captivating in the least.  In fact, I read so quickly because I couldn't put it down.  The MC's were addictive and their heat was off the charts.  Their interactions were memorable and I grew to like them as individuals as well as a couple.  They both had individual motivations and goals and when they came together in a relationship neither overshadowed the other, instead they complemented one another and made a great partnership.  They both balanced out all their quirks, hurts, and failings.

When secrets were revealed they both reacted realistically and then when the resolution came it was a bit more dramatic than I was expecting but it fit their personalities so I didn't mind all that much.  I do think the moments with the dark haired chica were unnecessary and suggested something more, something different from what it was and it was barely touched on or explained.  While that wouldn't normally be an issue, since she was around more than once and seemed super close to Mason I expected a bit more of an explanation than we were given.  Aside from that, though, the very end from Mason's heart was perfect.  It was the perfect way to end a fun, sexy, cute story.  With a solid cast I'm excited for more not just from this author, but from this series as well.

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Wild Talk: Temptation is Calling Book 1, Dani Antoinette

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