The Charmer: Sin City Sentries Book 1, Myra Scott

The Charmer: Sin City Sentries - Book 1 by [Scott, Myra]

What we see is not always what we get.  And sometimes, it is.  Two men with an intense draw have to choose between what they want, what they need, and what they can afford to lose.

Zane is the epitome of a charmer and he meets his match in Diego.  They have charm, confidence, and incredible business acumen.  Together they make an amazing partnership.  Zane wants this to move to the more personal meaning of the word.  And while Diego would like nothing more, there's something holding him back.

Diego has a boyfriend and is committed to staying faithful no matter how tempting Zane is.  In his adolescent fantasies it was always men like Zane that captured his interest and now that he's met his wet dream come to life he's finding it a lot harder to resist.  One evening of tipsy flirting leads to the best night of his life...except his boyfriend is due to fly in the next day.

There's something darker to that relationship, though, and Zane witnesses something very disturbing about it.  Before his eyes the self-assured man he knows becomes a fearful mouse under the torment of his boyfriend.  Knowing it isn't right he offers Diego aid and a listening ear if he needs one.  When Diego is forced to accept that offer it brings out the fierceness underneath Zane's charm and the confrontation leads to a forever that they only dreamed of but never thought they'd find.

I liked Zane.  He wasn't just a charming playboy and he had morals, compassion, and a fierce protectiveness toward the victims of bullies.  He values his relationships with his family and friends.  It's his heart that provides a safe place for Diego.  Diego is likable as well although his role of the vulnerable party is more pitiable than magnetic.  The way he's portrayed in the beginning is aloof and mysterious, the middle he's insecure and a victim, and at the end he's sappy, sweet, and seems much younger.  He goes through the most change in the story and it's a good thing but there's a feeling of disconnect between all three phases.  I like him, yes, but it's more a surface like and I feel for his situation but am mostly glad that he found someone like Zane.  The New Years party is where he finally feels like he's made the final transformation into the man he should have always been.  He's finally the best partner that Zane could have and they'll be enjoyable to read about in the periphery as the series continues.

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 The Charmer: Sin City Sentries Book 1, Myra Scott

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