An M/M Christmas, episode 4

Christmas Can Kiss My Dickens by [Frost, Hunter] Unexpected Christmas by [Iris, Nell] Christmas Cookies by [Mustafic, CL]

Christmas Can Kiss My Dickens by [Frost, Hunter]Such an interesting twist with Tiny Tim becoming the grouch and Scrooge on the other side of the haunting.  There wasn't really a ton in the way of character development, just some basics that were enough to let us know who these people were and how this story wasn't exactly what we were expecting.  That being said, we got to see something pretty sweet developing between Henry and Tim.  While I wouldn't say I'm invested in these men and their HEA, I will say that they were interesting and I liked how Tim's physical abilities/disabilities were handled.  There was an element of reality there that made me like the story a bit more.  It was a little confusing when we had the hospital part and I had to re-read the scene to understand what was going on with the did he or didn't he bit, but aside from that, the story progressed pretty smoothly and the romance was a good start.  My favorite thing about the story was really Tiny Tim's change from the normal Dickensian role.  The story overall was fairly average with good points and bland points.  3 stars.
Christmas Can Kiss My Dickens, Hunter Frost

Unexpected Christmas by [Iris, Nell]This was short, sweet, and a bit saucy.  The steam was low and the feels were surprisingly high for such a short story.  Daniel is caught in the sleet after storming out of his mother's house because of a homophobic bigot of an uncle who can't seem to ever shut his mouth to stem the tide of vitriol which seems to never end.  He flags down a truck and instantly regrets his impulsiveness because he now has the attention of a menacing giant of a man with gauges, tattoos, and muscles upon muscles.  Blurting the first thing that comes to mind certainly sets him up for being abandoned or worse but to his surprise he gets a great big laugh instead.  Axel is always being taken for a serial killer or something just as disturbing because of how he looks.  He knows this but it doesn't make it any easier every time he hears it.  Daniel, however, has a way of being amusing rather than offensive in this instance though, and he's drawn to the saucy soaking man who's likely to freeze to death in the very near future.  Family drama brings them to the door of the most adorable four year old and the evening holds something wondrous for both men.  It's the start of their very own forever.  I really enjoyed this story despite it's super short length and lack of steam.  The story was way more sweet than anything with a side of a foul mouth and snap judgments.  When Daniel softens and gives in to Axel's draw he's in for the happiness of a lifetime.  4 stars.
 Unexpected Christmas, Nell Iris

Christmas Cookies by [Mustafic, CL]I was hoping for more.  I liked the premise of the story quite a lot and I liked the characters at first.  Their meet-cute was sufficiently cute and awkward both times, but soon after things started going downhill for the couple.  So much animosity and frustration with so many characters.  I understand reluctance and hesitation, especially when it comes from grief, keeping two people from progressing together, but when Russ finally begins to move forward he does so pretty well.  I also don't think that the coffee shop meet up was out of line, he's trying to get to know Amos but Amos' snark was more than just snark, it was rude and standoffish.  Why should Russ continue with someone who won't at least try to answer basic questions and get to know the guy they're crushing hard on?  I mean, I know he wanted to hold his personal drama back, but it literally never comes out of Amos' mouth in the entire story.  And then for Simon to give Russ attitude after the lunch not-date where he avoided Amos for good reason, I was so freaking annoyed.  It's all good to look out for Amos but to push his unkind opinion onto Russ in the way he did was overboard.  And then Amos' constant jumping to conclusions without wanting to talk about things or listen to Russ at all...yeah, not a fan.  And for one big apology in front of family to make things all better?  Not believable.  So overall it's a good idea for a story but Amos was far from a great character for me.  2.5 stars.
 Christmas Cookies, CL Mustafic


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