Out for the Holidays, Cara Dee

Out For the Holidays: An Out Novella by [Dee, Cara]

Yes, the stars are huge on this post.  Why?  Because there aren't enough stars!!!  I loved this story!  There was so much in the way of humor, hotness, honesty, confrontations, snark, heart, love, sexiness, sexy times, revelations, settling, growing, feels...  Just pure awesome.  I can't tell you how many times I had to turn my head into the pillow to laugh or squee so I wouldn't wake up my kids or husby since most of my uninterrupted reading takes place at night.  I didn't want to be interrupted and was so glad I wasn't because it allowed me to read the book twice, that's right, twice.  So tired the next day, but so worth it.

We got to know Zach and Henry really well in Out and that's where I first fell in love with them.  Henry's tenderness, nurturing, affection, care, concern, and sexiness.  Zach's exuberance, acceptance, growth, change, love, boldness, devotion, and humor.  Together they make such a perfect pair with neither one more or less than the other.  They're sweet and genuine and hot together.  My review for that book goes into a bunch more detail so this review might not really be spoilers for Out but it's way better to have read that book first.

Zach is finally getting to spend time with Henry and his family for Christmas.  His career is taking off and is becoming so much that he wants to make some serious changes.  With some decisions made after Henry's input and concern he's ready for his well-earned down time.  Until Brooklyn calls.  Cancún for December would be anyone's idea of an awesome vacation but for Zach it's so not welcome.  Until Henry says he'll make it worth his while...

 Out for the Holidays: An Out Novella, Cara Dee

A beach paradise is turning out to be a great diversion for them and Zach takes a few chances with his job and it pays off allowing him to be more genuine in his delivery and career in general.  Things are looking up!  And then Joseph inserts himself, yet again, between them.

I was expecting snark, I was expecting drama, I was expecting fireworks.  What I wasn't expecting, was quiet, subtle, calm honesty.  What I wasn't expecting was a witnessed scene in the bedroom.  What I wasn't expecting was the perfection of the moment.

With the Joseph chapter finally, mostly, at an end we get a bunch of family moments that bring us even deeper into their lives.  Mattie and his struggles with school and something else that he's not ready to talk about, Zach's magnificent snark in Ty's defense, helping out at the shelter, Zach's confession about family expansion, Henry's moment during their walk after dinner with Martin, Martin and Nan in the kitchen with sherry...  All of it brings us into their lives, their hearts, and we never want to leave.

“I shrugged and grinned. I’m a power slut for you, man.”
“That’s priceless,” Julian laughed.
I finally got Henry to crack a smile, even as he tried really hard not to.
“I think that may have been the sweetest thing I’ve ever said.” I bit into a piece of buffalo chicken and licked some sauce off the corner of my mouth. “I need that printed on a T-shirt.”
“Are you high, Zach?” Noah chuckled.
“No, I’m in love, dude!” I exclaimed. “This chicken is really good too.”
Henry let out an affectionate laugh.
“Anyway.” I waved a hand. “Enough about my sluttitude. Anyone up for some Christmas shopping tomorrow?”

The warmth, love, and transcendence of happiness makes you want to stay in their orbit just to soak up a little of their awesomeness.  They really are the best family to read about.  And when they spice things up with a couple little blue pills?  Or maybe a toke in a hot tub?  Or perhaps a sleepy re-connection of bodies, kinks, and hearts?  5 stars and about a bajillion of those eggplant and heart and happy and winky face emojis too.

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 Out for the Holidays: An Out Novella, Cara Dee
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But maybe, more like positively, you should start by getting to know the awesomeness that is Zach and Henry from the start...
So here's OUT for your reading pleasure...
Out by [Dee, Cara]
 Out, Cara Dee
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