Hunter, H.J. Perry

Hunter: Elsewhere Gay Fantasy Romance by [Perry, H J]

I'm not exactly sure how I feel about this book.  There are elements that are interesting and I liked the idea of fated lovers finding their way back to one another time and time again, but there were a few too many issues for me to just enjoy the story.

Pip really had it hard.  An awkward gay boy in a small town with a desire for more.  We know what that more is, but he doesn't and his searching makes him look beyond the borders of the town.  On graduation night he's excited for the opportunity to leave and knows he'll have a lot of work ahead of him to afford college, but despite the pressure that puts on him, he's grateful to be on to the next step of his journey.  Except there are those in his class that will do anything they can to keep him from achieving that dream.  Bullies are no joke and these are some serious bullies.  Tying him to a tree in the middle of some creepy-as woods is disturbing on so many levels.  What could have ended in tragedy actually began his true journey.

Hunter, or really, The Hunter, is only given this name.  He finds the trussed-up Pip and frees him, in so doing they spark the bond they have and Pip gets a small glimpse of the "more" he was searching for.  It takes quite a while for things to work out and that "more" isn't what he thought it would be, but all's well that ends well, right?

In general, I'd say yes.  But there are some issues I have with the story.  The Hunter never gets a name even after they sort things out between them.  He's a complete mystery from start to finish and all we get is that he's passionate, loyal, and will always be Pip's in every way no matter how many years, decades, or centuries separate them.  Nice sentiment, but Pip doesn't remember his past life so his draw is real but the foundation for everything from here on out is super questionable.

There are also a lot of unanswered questions that move things into the series in general but it's more that there are issues left hanging rather than laid out in a way that makes me want to read the series to get the answers.

Overall the story was fine, but I'm not really sold on the series or invested in any of the characters or the town to continue reading beyond Hunter.  So while my rating here is a 2.5, I'll be rounding down on review sites because I didn't really enjoy the story enough to give it the "I liked it alright" 3 star rating.

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