Home in Austin: Lone Star Brothers Book 4, Susi Hawke

Home in Austin (Lone Star Brothers Book 4) by [Hawke, Susi]

An omega with nothing meets an alpha with everything.  What neither wants nor was looking for finds them in an odd situation that sets the foundation for something truly beautiful to grow.  But if neither of them was searching for the very thing that landed in their laps, will they be able to recognize the gift for what it is?  Will they let it slip by or will they grab hold and make it permanent?  Austin and Owen will need to open their eyes and hearts to what is clearly meant to be and advice from well-intentioned, yet irreverent family as well as a deceased baby-daddy might help them see the path they should be traveling together.

Owen was delightfully flighty.  His commitment to the baby and being self-sufficient despite his deep yearnings for connection and family were also quite admirable.  He was a bit immature at times and that was slightly distracting, but overall his character was steady and consistent.  Adding to that with his growth under the care and help from Austin made him a really good man to get to know.

Austin, on the other hand, was amusingly staid.  His OCD was less annoying and more endearing, actually, and I wasn't expecting that.  He was actually pretty subtle about it and very mature; knowing it is his own issue and not Owen's gave him perspective and relief when Owen expressed his desire to understand and adjust.  It was his care and gentle concern along with his well-meaning manipulation so he could do his best for Owen that really won me over.  His softening and growth by the end that led him to truly appreciate love and his family made him a much more well-rounded character.

Their meet-cute really was quite cute.  It was pretty humorous and set the stage for most of Austin and Owen's interactions.  The relationship progressed really slowly and I appreciated that because it felt more organic, much more believable considering their situation.  When they finally got to the romantic stuff it was very sweet.  Passion, however, I felt was lacking.  The sexy times, mostly the solo fantasies, felt forced rather than natural.  Houston's interjections were more sexy than the bedroom scenes with the MC's and that's a bit sad.  Overall, though, the familial love and reconciliations that happened was almost over-the-top sweet and gave the story a much lighter feel despite the little bit of health drama thrown into the mix.

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 Home in Austin: Lone Star Brothers Book 4, Susi Hawke

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