Sweet Nothings: The Chosen One Prequel, Macy Blake

Sweet Nothings: The Chosen One Prequel by [Blake, Macy]

One night of passion followed by cold silence.  One night of frigid rain and wind followed by a reunion and a life-altering discovery.  Sam seems to have all the luck of a broken mirror but Fate has plans for him that include a man he'd never intended to speak to again and six abused and packless cubs.

Umm...yes.  Hell yes, in fact.  This book is exciting, passionate, fierce, captivating, and tender.  The cast is incredibly diverse and the world created is one with so many facets, twists, turns, and mystery that I can't help but be sucked in right from the start.

It's Sam, though, that makes this book so amazing.  He's the best man I could ever dream of for this role.  Sam is my complete hero, he's the absolute star of the story.  Love him.  I love him for how brave, fierce, and relentless he is in protecting the cubs.  His heart is bigger than he is and his innate goodness along with his inner strength make him shine.  I kind of can't say enough good things about him, actually.  I straight fan-girled out whenever he stood his ground against threats of any kind and then melted into the genuine, loving smiles and touches the children needed.

As a partner Sam truly needed someone like Vaughn.  Though he paled in comparison to Sam, he was still a great character.  My favorite part of him was his need for and acceptance of the strength that Sam possessed.  Knowing he needed someone as alpha as him to lead the pack and provide the haven their home needed to be was kind of novel.  Many times I've read that the alpha's partner is feisty behind closed doors to complement the fire of the alpha but in the presence of the pack and others that partner is required to submit to the alpha in charge.  I find that both wise and insulting...confusing, I know.  But here we don't have that.  Here we have two men fighting for their family together as equals in all facets of their lives.  It feels natural, organic, and very, very right.  It fits the men and their roles going forward.

There are some unanswered questions in this story.  Yes, this is a prequel, I get that.  But it's not so much the plot or the over-arching story that carries forward, it's the question of the connection two years prior and then the suddenness of Vaughn knowing his mate is Sam that bothers me.  I could have also used more groveling.  With how awesome they were together Sam brought up one concern that was answered with an "I don't know," that I feel was insufficient to solidify and resolve their connection and forever-mating in my mind.  Other than that, I'm crazy in love with this book.  If the rest of the series weren't revolving a poly mating I'd be on the rest of the series faster than you could say "go".

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 Sweet Nothings: The Chosen One Prequel, Macy Blake

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