Accidental Alpha, Ashe Moon

Accidental Alpha by [Moon, Ashe]

A music gig and a giant dog.  Ryan's life is about to go from static disappointment to dynamic and fantastical.  Leksa's foray into the human world is off to a terrible start.  If it weren't for the innate goodness in Ryan he'd likely not have survived.  While the circumstances of their relationship is new and not exactly desired, they're determined to make the best of it for the month.  But things change, and so do feelings.  It'll take a strength of will to bridge the gap between worlds and make a choice between love and duty.

Ryan is pretty mellow.  The feeling we get from him right from the start is just that.  He's hurt by his ex leaving but not for the reasons we think.  He's become complacent with mediocrity.  Being shaken up by Leksa gives him a glimpse into what he really wants his life to be like, who he wants in it.  I like his subtle evolution.  There are no huge life changes that weren't really expected, well, beyond the whole falling in love with a shifter prince thing, and he maintains an honest heart with desires to do the right thing no matter what.  He was consistent and changed just enough to become the best version of himself.

Leksa is a little more up and down in his evolution.  He's likable and a good match for Ryan and he doesn't complain too much at having his role outside the apartment be that of a dog.  He's able to see the benefits and learn from the experience while still chafing a bit giving him a more believable personality.  His realization of where he should be and who he is was written well and went a long way to making me believe in both Ryan and Leksa being together.

While this was a good story with an interesting take on shifters and their world, the story was kind of uninspiring.  I liked them in a general sense and could see a lot of great potential, it's just that nothing really dug deep and stayed deep.  The "everything will turn out fine" thing was a bit simplistic though I won't fault the happiness of the happy ending for everyone important to the story.  It really needed another chapter or some streamlining of the middle so we could get to the point and then have a little more of them after the big climax to make the story feel really complete.

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 Accidental Alpha, Ashe Moon

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