The Courage of a Cowboy: Elk Heights Ranch Book 2, Kristin Vayden

The Courage of a Cowboy (Elk Heights Ranch) by [Vayden, Kristin]

Unrequited love is never easy and when Kessed's hopes are crushed good and proper, she isn't sure what that means for her heart going forward.  If it were up to Jasper, he'd show her what it meant, but with him by her side instead of the oblivious Sterling.  The timing is off, though, until Cyler's steer delivery comes early and it'll take cooperation between Kessed and Jasper to get the ranch ready for them.  Along the way they find something deeper and better than they envisioned before.  But when an IED sends Sterling home with open eyes, Kessed will have to decide if it's the past or the unexpected that holds her heart's attention from here on out.

I enjoyed Kessed's feisty attitude.  Her loyalty to her friend, her wit, her honesty.  She's a fun character to get to know and while her vacillation becomes a bit tedious, it's her honest introspection and careful thought that I respect.  By taking the time to truly think about each person and the way each made her feel she could get to the heart of the matter and make the best choice.  And aside from the unfortunate moment that was witnessed, the way Kessed handled it was sweet, hot, funny, and extremely appropriate for each person she interacted with.  She truly knew each of them and knew what to say and how to get her point across while maintaining the essential parts of their relationships and being true to herself as a person, not just true to her feelings.

Jasper was sweet, patient, and adorably funny.  He was a great partner for someone like Kessed and it's his balance for her personality that made me cheer him on the most.  The fact that he also had a great relationship with his sister was another point in his favor.  Their sibling banter was cute but it also introduced us to a sound voice of wisdom concerning his course forward with Kessed.  Harper's brand of honesty and sass was perfect to get Jasper to see that he couldn't assume and make decisions for Kessed without getting her side or allowing her to work through her feelings in her own time.  His presence, his goodness and humor, those things were what made Kessed see what she really needed and not just what she'd been hoping for as a doe-eyed adolescent.

With two great MC's and an equally stellar side cast this story was allowed to focus on the relationship and the individuals so we could really get to know them.  I was impressed with the outcome of the story despite my reservations about Kessed before I started reading.  I'm so very glad to have been put in my place by watching her be awkward, sweet, honest, and unique.  With the encouragement, understanding, and passion she got from Jasper she could grow into a confident woman who believed she could gain everything she hoped and more.  I'm looking forward to reading Harper's story where Sterling will meet the woman who will put him in his place and bring him out from his wary military shell.  His steadiness is sure to provide the ideal environment for Harper's heart as here's to hoping Elk Heights will bring back a solid cast and do them justice.

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 The Courage of a Cowboy: Elk Heights Ranch Book 2, Kristin Vayden

Both Harper and Sterling have a lot of healing to do.
But maybe they can help each other...
If only they can give up the illusion of control
and trust in the healing power of love.
The Cowgirl Meets Her Match (Elk Heights Ranch) by [Vayden, Kristin]
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 The Cowgirl Meets Her Match: Elk Heights Ranch Book 3, Kristin Vayden

Laken and Cyler have their own history.
When revenge and redemption don't mix
it'll take determination and forgiveness
before they can find a future in love.
Heart of a Cowboy (Elk Heights Ranch) by [Vayden, Kristin]
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Heart of a Cowboy: Elk Heights Ranch Book 1, Kristin Vayden

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