Waking Oisin, Grace Kilian Delaney

Waking Oisin by [Delaney, Grace Kilian]

Oisin was both mature and very, very insecure.  Being influenced by those he wishes approved of and loved him doesn't seem like a bad thing, but when it undermines the very core of who he is and what he dreams of for his future, it's devastating.  He's intelligent and yet so very lost.  Engaged at a young age to someone who was insecure in Oisin's love for her gave him a chip on his shoulder regarding his sexuality.  Bisexuality is misunderstood by almost everyone important in his life and he's tired of defending it.

In fact, he's just tired, period.  Defending his feelings for his former fiancée, his choice of schooling against what his fiancée and father want for him, his choice of expression to his father, himself from being bullied by the douche pack at law school, his intelligence to his father's callous treatment because he's not thriving at law school...there's just too much and he's losing who he is under all the pressure.  One night of music and dressing up with his best friend Devon should give him the break he needs to resume the fight when he gets back, right?  What he wasn't expecting was the sexy ginger at the bar to rock his world and possibly change his life.

Trenton needs a break.  And maybe some anonymous lovin'.  After being hurt deeply by his ex he retreats into his work life and short, anonymous encounters that don't require his heart.  In fact, that muscle is becoming quite neglected by retreating into his job.  He hasn't spent time with his family in longer than he'd care to remember and he has no desire to have another relationship where he invests all his heart only to have it stomped on by someone he can't have an equal partnership with.  When his best friend Georgia suggests a night out with some great music he doesn't refuse.  But what he didn't see coming was a siren in a goth get-up and a night so hot that he'll be forever changed.

When Oisin finds out who Trenton works for it effective ends their relationship before it has a chance to begin.  But fate isn't done with them yet.  A move to Vegas for Trenton and an internship for Oisin bring them back together.  I'm not sure if I believe that Trenton didn't really recognize Oisin as Sin especially because the last time they saw one another Sin is sans wig and body-squeezing undergarments so the hair, holes from piercings, bone structure, and body type are all pretty recognizable.  Aside from that, though, their encounters are tentative until neither can stand it anymore and decide that being together is worth the secrecy.

Keeping secrets when they keep running into mutual acquaintances with Oisin's father certainly doesn't spell success for a clandestine relationship though.  Things finally pile up too high for Oisin and when he has to decide between a future together with Trenton or dream fulfillment he unilaterally decides that their tentative relationship isn't worth destroying their dreams.  So he breaks both of their hearts and pulls a runner.  They'll both have to decide if they want to fight for a future with one another with so many things against them.

There were a lot of feels in this story and I truly enjoyed getting to know both of these men.  I felt so much more for Oisin because he was continually conflicted and struggled between growing up and remaining immature and reactionary.  The passion between them was palpable and very hot but with the deeper things that could provide a foundation for them felt a bit lacking.  I wished there were more depth between them, something they could really build something on.  There were notions of it but I hoped for more.  I also hoped for more of an ending.  The end felt a little rushed.  Where there was a lot of thought put into the push and pull between them up to this point, the conclusion seemed basic.  Other than that I fully enjoyed the story and would love to have more from them either as a short companion story or on the periphery of someone else's story in their world.

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 Waking Oisin, Grace Kilian Delaney

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