Sweet Crazy Song: Kings of Crown Creek Book 1, Vivian Lux

Sweet Crazy Song: A Small Town Rockstar Romance (Kings of Crown Creek Book 1) by [Lux, Vivian]

When a second look provides clarity.  When a kiss opens doors.  When grief opens the heart.  When the arms you least suspected become the ones you can't live without.  Jonah and Ruby are devastated by the death of a loved one and while they don't seek one another out, fate has a way of bringing them into their lives a way neither expected.  But without the courage to keep each other close and to change dreams of the future and what success looks like, they could lose the very thing that will heal them and make them fly.

I actually quite liked these characters.  They were flawed and didn't give either of one another any quarter when it came to fear and responsibility.  Together they brought one another solace, healing, passion, and love.  It breathed life into Jonah's creativity and gave Ruby the companionship she never really had despite her close relationship with her girlfriends.  Each of them possessed the something the other person needed.

Ruby was defensive at times but what came out of her mouth directed to Jonah was spot-on.  It gave him the fuel and fodder for making good, real change.  The kind that fundamentally changes a person and their relationships.  Because of her he could heal the rifts between him and his siblings.  It also brought him peace.  Something he wasn't sure he'd ever really feel again.

Jonah was damaged and childish without a rudder in the storm that was of his own making.  Feeling lost and abandoned he didn't know where to turn.  And then he ran right into the little spitfire that was Ruby.  With her compassion, empathy, and kick in the butt, he could finally breathe, grow.

I enjoyed the ride but could have used more of the foundation aspects of relationship-building instead of relying on bickering, passion, and a snowstorm to bind them together.  They weren't really friends as children so there wasn't that to bolster their romance either.  Despite that, tenderness, grief, togetherness, healing, redemption, and love; this story had all of that and more.

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 Sweet Crazy Song: Kings of Crown Creek Book 1, Vivian Lux

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