Stealing A Cowboy's Heart: The Omegas of Sweet Water, Texas Book 3, Beau Brown

Stealing A Cowboy's Heart: The Omegas of Sweet Water, Texas Book 3 by [Brown, Beau]

Accepting that you need help is one thing, but actually accepting that help is a whole other can of worms.  Griff doesn't trust easily, especially not a cocky, attractive alpha.  That's what got him into his current situation.  And when Tex doesn't do anything but offer him a room, food, clothes, safety, and genuine warmth in return for trying to steal his truck and snarking at him each time he opens his mouth?  There's got to be an ulterior motive, he just knows it.  But as he softens he realizes that he wants those ulterior motives except as more time that passes he's slowly seeing that Tex might just not have those.  Who would want a snarky omega pregnant with another alpha's kid?

Little does he know Tex really does have desires for Griff.  He just wants him to feel safe, protected, clean, warm, and fed more than he wants to get him in bed.  He's had his share of omegas but hasn't had any that inspired him to keep them.  No one before has brought out his protective instinct or inflamed his desire the way this scraggly omega on the run has.  The more time he spends getting to know him the more he realizes he just might like him, might want to make his stay more permanent.

Tex had a lot to offer Griff and Griff could have been just the fiery companion Tex needs to keep him in line and interested.  When their rough edges are worn down by their prolonged proximity we see new sides to both of them that give us a more complete picture of who these men are, why they are the way they are, and just how great they could be together.

I was frustrated by their inability to communicate.  They talked around all the important feelings stuff and it made for misunderstandings, bitterness, and hurt.  And the bar scene when Tex knows what Griff is to him, no matter how prickly Griff is, was just wrong.  Totally wanted to smack him for saying and doing what he did.  I get why Griff holds back but to be so vehemently against claiming and making sure Tex knows that but to be upset when Tex respects him isn't okay either.  I think that the relationship angst was a bit too high for such a short story, especially when there's other drama threatening to separate them and endangering Griff and his daughter.

And when it came to the external drama it was like fireworks.  Big boom only to instantly fade.  The confrontations were both sudden and intense only to be dealt with quickly.  While that could have been comforting, it didn't feel right for the story either.  A guy who has a history of abusing omegas isn't really a flash-in-the-pan kind of guy and I was expecting a bit more from that plot point.

The story overall was good, though, because the writing was clear and gave us a great picture of the two men.  Passion was present and very intense.  Their claiming scene was hot but with the angsting before and especially after I was disappointed in the men.  By the time we get to their confessions I had mixed feelings of their compatibility but can't deny that I'm a lover of honest hearts.  With a slightly longer story and a more streamlined plot I think this could have been a great story.  As is it was a nice story with great chemistry, humorous bickering (to a point), a surprising amount of angst, and an awesome mom and friends to carry both men through and make them see beyond themselves.

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 Stealing A Cowboy's Heart: The Omegas of Sweet Water, Texas Book 3, Beau Brown

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