Thin Ice: Sleeper Seals Book 7, Maryann Jordan

Thin Ice: (Sleeper SEALs Book 7) by [Jordan, Maryann, Sisters, Suspense]

Logan and Viv are an unlikely pair that are thrown together to find out just how serious the terrorist threat is in a rural Alaskan village.  Viv has roots nearby as well as the professional know-how to get answers, Logan has the practical experience dealing with sensitive terrorist situations.  What neither of them were prepared for were each other.

Logan is a recluse by choice dealing with tourists and townspeople in Montana only when he wants to.  He likes the open country, the isolation, and the seclusion his property and civilian profession allows.  When he gets this mission he's more inclined to refuse than accept but his sense of justice, duty, and pride make him go all in.  Thinking he's working with a nerdy scientist guy that he can keep out of his way he's shocked and upset to find the alluring woman in his rental house.

Viv is surprised by Logan but aside from his hot visage, his attitude is more negatively shocking than anything else.  Given just as much information as he was given about their partnership she's clueless as to how they can actually work together.  He's obviously unaware of just how important her role is and she refuses to back down and let him run roughshod over her just because she's not military or a man.

Together they bumble through their personal feelings and desires and stumble through their "accidental" meetings with their neighbors.  When things get dicey, though, they pull together to get the samples they need and determine the threat level.  Their cooperation and passion are short-lived, though, when Logan takes it upon himself to protect her by sending her away.  Viv is hurt and confused.  Their lack of honest and transparent communication leads to an even worse situation than they expected when coincidental travel plans cross.

I have a hard time with secrets in general and though the secrets here are kept well-meaningly it's not a surprise that they're used to not just advance the plot but to create an even more dramatic reckoning.  The story itself was pretty good throughout with a naive yet eager and intelligent woman drawing out the yearning in Logan for a partner of the forever kind.  There was way too little groveling from Logan, though.  Aside from that I felt they could be a solid pair if there were a bit more in the way of laying feelings bare and building a friendship in addition to a solid foundation of passion.  The ending was really sweet and showed a lot of growth on Logan's part.  They were well on their way to becoming the best kind of partnership.

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Thin Ice: Sleeper Seals Book 7, Maryann Jordan

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