Primal Claim: The Sigma Menace Book 2, Marie Johnston

Primal Claim (The Sigma Menace Book 2) by [Johnston, Marie]

Madame G isn't giving up after her efforts with Jace and Cassie's forced mating failed.  No, she has bigger and more dangerous plans that require Mercury's genetics and a willing host.  Well, in Dani's case, not so willing.  It matters very little, though, because there's something much more sinister with this plot than anyone realizes.

Mercury is more than he appears and even his closest comrades don't fully understand him.  They trust him, are committed to protecting him and having his back, they even mostly like him, but truly knowing him is beyond reach.  There's something that's calling to him, needs him, and for days he's been searching.  Until one day a smaller woman covered in blood and weapons is being attacked on the road by Sigma recruits and underneath all that, this woman smells like him.  He's never seen her before but he's certain she's carrying his child.

Dani is a recruit who has done nothing but live for vengeance for years.  Until she's in so deep that she can't see a way to escape.  Worse, her newest mission is one she never dreamed she'd be tasked with.  Madame G has chosen her to bear the child of a Guardian shifter.  Once it's clear she's been successfully breeded she knows she must find a way out.  With the life inside her strengthening her and giving her the determination she needs to escape at the first chance she takes it.  Pursued by agents, recruits, and a raging storm from Madame G herself, she races to the probable safety of her baby's father.

Between secrets, retrieval attempts, and a passion neither of them have ever known before, this is a roller-coaster of a story.  Dani learns about Mercury, all of his depths and subtleties, and finds herself falling for him.  What began as an urgent need for protection for her child becomes so much more, deeper, and necessary.  Mercury is incredibly drawn to Dani.  Not knowing if he can trust her keeps him from taking those last steps to claiming her but he's beginning to understand that those efforts are futile.  It's only a matter of time before he gives in to their passion and magnetism.  He wants her.  He wants her forever.

I liked what little we learned about Mercury peripherally in Fever Claim and now I can fully say I love him.  He's strong, faithful, loyal, complicated, devoted, honest, and even under-the-radar mischievous and amusing.  It's a surprise what we learn of him and it drives deep.  Dani is a great match for him with strength, resolve, commitment, and intensity.  They make a superb partnership and the talents they have together are a revelation for the Guardians as a whole.  Their group is growing and the drama is getting bigger, more intense, and I'm so very eager to continue with True Claim for Bennett's story.

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 Primal Claim: The Sigma Menace Book 2, Marie Johnston

*Find out why Bennett feels he's
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True Claim (The Sigma Menace Book 3) by [Johnston, Marie]
 True Claim: The Sigma Menace Book 3, Marie Johnston
She's his worst nightmare...a human mate.

  Over a century ago, Bennett Young found his mate, a human woman he trusted and was brutally betrayed by. With his one chance at happiness gone, Bennett throws himself into his work. He dreads the inevitable day he turns feral and his partners will be forced to put him down, then a routine mission brings him face-to-face with his worst nightmare. A human mate. Discovering the lovely, but evasive woman is being hunted, Bennett can't bring himself to abandon her, at least not until she's safe.

  Spencer King has a boy's name and lives in the boondocks for a reason. The tall, sexy shifter who showed up on her doorstep was unwelcome...and pushy. The mating instinct she feels for him threatens everyone she's worked to keep safe. Realizing the frustrating, brooding Guardian doesn't intend to leave her alone, Spencer has to figure out if she can trust him, and to decide - stay and fight, or run for her life?

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