The Candidate's Omega, Andie Archer

The Candidate's Omega : A Non-shifter M/M MPreg Romance by [Archer, Andie ]

I was pretty sure I'd enjoy this story, I was unprepared for just how much.  The writing impressed me because it was clear, understandable despite my lack of love for politics, and moving.  I could feel for and about both of these men and became invested in their future.  Their initial meeting was a bit of a whirlwind and incredibly passionate.  Also a bit fortuitous because both of them needed something the other person could provide.

As an alpha William was kind, generous, and tender.  He fought for rights and respect for those who struggled.  His policies carried into his personal life too.  I respected him as a person and he never fought dirty.  The way he treated Aiden was also good.  Despite struggling with his feelings and whether to admit them and how much to confess as well as reconciling his current affections with those for his deceased wife he handles the emotions quite well.  With one exception, however.

Aiden is an omega who knows what he wants.  Mostly.  His desire to be independent seem to override his deeper desire to be loved and kept.  When he finds William he realizes that he has someone special and is afraid he'll lose what they're building together.  Campaigning is no joke and he struggles with what he's feeling as well as the stress of being on a bus with William and his team of advisers and assistants while on their honeymoon.  And when Aiden discovers a little surprise?  All that stress compounds with his fears and insecurities leading to strained tension between the couple.

Watching them struggle and work toward their future is frustrating at times but supremely enjoyable.  Their banter is cute and truly humorous.  Every mention of Kevin made me laugh or smile.  Getting to their HEA is an absolute joy.  The epilogue is from a third person but really well done, especially when it moves to just the couple and shows that the tenderness and passion they fought for and expressed throughout the story never waned.  So. Dang. Good.  Loved this book!

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 The Candidate's Omega, Andie Archer

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