Secret Omega: Mount Liberty Pack Book 2, Kellan Larkin

Secret Omega: m/m mpreg gay paranormal romance (Mount Liberty Pack Book 2) by [Larkin, Kellan]

The world created is interesting, desolate, and difficult.  Having not read book 1 first I was a little confused at the outset because I felt like I was missing the genesis of their pack, which I was, even though this story can be read as a standalone.  Basic background is given and there's also a basic introduction to a couple of the characters as well, but aside from that the focus is on Stone and Peregwin.

Stone is a rogue alpha and his previous pack is a bit confusing.  It seems like he's from the pack the Mount Liberty pack left but then it turns out he's not, he's from one almost as bad in their treatment of omegas.  His thinking is thrown on its ear by a small but fierce omega that protects what's his and then offers shelter and healing despite the pack leader's decree of banishing him to the wilds.

Peregwin reacts to a possible threat before he can think and feels guilty that his actions caused someone an injury and a potential death warrant by being sent back off the mountain.  He recognizes that the rogue alpha was merely hungry and that stabbing him might have been a bit overkill in this situation.  Having a son to protect, however, bypasses all the thinking and goes right to the acting.  Justified yet feeling responsible he brings Stone home with him but just until he recovers.  At least that's what he tells himself.  Something else he recognizes is that there's an intense draw toward this unknown alpha and it scares him.  His previous experience with belonging to an alpha was none too pleasant even if it gave him his son.  Determined to be a temporary safe-haven for the stranger he makes it clear to Stone that there's no other option unless he wants to choose his own death.

If only it weren't for his heat cycle.  The magnetism between these men is palpable and by giving in just the once brings consequences neither one are fully prepared for.  Hoping that quickly taking suppressants afterward will be an effective enough "morning after pill" Peregwin goes back to his duties to the pack.  It becomes quite clear soon after that it wasn't as effective as he hoped.  Now he's stuck with a baby in his womb and a healing stranger in his home and no idea how to save his future.

Together they find all kinds of trouble and turmoil both within the pack and without.  There is incredible tension between the packs in the wilds and too many "lost rogues" are finding their home in the treacherous mountains to be mere coincidence from starving conditions below.  One misstep and their entire pack could crumble and fall back into the torturous situations they all ran from in the first place.

There's a whole lot of angst in this story and a whole lot of problems that aren't going to be solved quickly.  With a tentative "trust" from the pack Stone and Peregwin are allowed to build a home together and take on pack duties.  But with a group of yet more rogue alphas caught and then locked up in their school the Mount Liberty pack finds itself on the cusp of change.  Change for the better?  Maybe not.  One way leads to a new and possibly better future, the other leads to becoming the very thing they fled from.

The end of the story leaves it open for more from the series and is an effective move while also giving us a glimpse of life as it could be.  I'm not 100% sold on Stone and Peregwin as a partnership but I think they're well on their way to becoming something great.  Stone's willing acceptance of his role as an alpha in this strange new pack as well as his tenderness toward Peregwin and his son is truly endearing.  His devotion to their little family is heartening because he's changing for the better by being exposed to another, more charitable way of living.  Peregwin's heart and mercy has the capability to guide and influence the pack as well as opening his heart to Stone and all they could be together.  The pain and angst surrounding them gives them both a way to use their talents for the improvement of the pack but how the pack itself will respond to them with their inauspicious beginning remains to be seen.

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 Secret Omega: Mount Liberty Pack Book 2, Kellan Larkin

*Start the series with Briar and Rohan in Auctioned Omega
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Auctioned Omega: M/M Mpreg Gay Paranormal Romance (Mount Liberty Pack Book 1) by [Larkin, Kellan]
 Auctioned Omega: Mount Liberty Pack Book 1, Kellan Larkin
Briar can only watch in terror as the wolves who attacked his pack fight in the omega auction for the right to own him. When the dust settles, the largest, most savage fighter steps forward, and Briar realizes with horror that he’s been won by a rogue alpha. But Rohan isn’t the monster Briar first takes him for.
In fact, Rohan is unlike any alpha Briar has ever met.
Rohan slowly begins to earn the frightened omega’s trust through patience and tenderness. But with secrets and danger surrounding them, their bond will be tested repeatedly as they run from the violent packs trying to reclaim Briar. The two lovers are pushed to their breaking point, fleeing for their lives, and Briar discovers one more challenge for their perilous journey—he’s pregnant.

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