Bastian: New Vampire Disorder Book 6, Marie Johnston

Bastian (New Vampire Disorder Book 6) by [Johnston, Marie]

Wealth and privilege have set Ophelia apart from others, it has also jaded her and hardened her heart.  Her fidelity, loyalty, and morals are sneered at, mocked, and taken advantage of by those who should love her most and it's only when she allows Bastian into her life, and her heart, that she gets a glimpse that perhaps life, and love, can be different.  Her purpose meets her sanctuary.

The background conflict was always present but the relationships felt like they were getting off track, they didn't feel as...central to the character's "journey".  Here I feel like this is the start to getting back on track, even though this is almost the end of the series, it's better late than never, right?  In the last couple of books it was as if the duty came before heart.  Sometimes a tough decision must be made and our personal desires have to take a back seat to the greater good, I get that.  But the heart part was a nice side benefit to having their purpose and ambition satisfied rather than finding the strength, healing, and peace of finding your heart and soul's home, a true safe place that would allow them to more fully carry out their duty and responsibilities.

Bastian gives us more.  Of all the primes in this group it's Ophelia that has more damage to heal so I'm glad this focus changes so she could finally get the healing, peace, acceptance, and support she truly needed.  Bastian had patience, heart, perseverance, and the fortitude to be the right and best partner to the kick-ass yet vulnerable Ophelia.

As for the demon/vampire conflict, things are getting more complicated in a way that's captivating and intriguing.  If you haven't read the books before now, you'll probably be completely lost.  The direction is so good, I'm on pins and needles to see the crossing over of realms and the consequences for everyone...I can't wait to read The Seer and Q's story!!

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 Bastian: New Vampire Disorder Book 6, Marie Johnston

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