Wait With Me, Amy Daws

Wait With Me by [Daws, Amy]

A fiery redhead with an addiction to free snacks and the vibe of a waiting room at the Tire Depot meets a super hot mechanic with an addiction to "smoking" red licorice and a certain fiery redhead.  Neither are really looking for forever but can't deny their chemistry or their draw to one another's personalities.  Secrets and drama might keep them apart if they can't be honest with themselves and each other.  But any good author worth her salt knows that when you find a real life book boyfriend, you do whatever it takes to write your own happy ending.

Kate is Mercedes and Mercedes is Kate.  Well, that's the idea behind a pen name, but Kate often feels that her alter ego is the more fun side of her that is only accessed by the muse that lets her write.  When that muse deserts her she's frustrated until it's in the Comfort Care Center of Tire Depot that she finds her muse chilling with the free coffee and insanely delicious baked goods.  So she does what any self-respecting author does.  Sets up camp and chills where her muse has parked her own fanny.

I loved Kate.  Even the secret of her name doesn't make me dislike her.  She's quirky, real, natural, funny, creative, direct, sexy, awkward, sensual, witty, smart, determined, genuine.  And coining emongry?  Straight genius.  Reading her thoughts and the dialogue on her part was never a chore.  Her reactions to pretty much everything were both surprising and organic and I was blown away with how much I liked her.  Like, I actually want to know her in real life and be her friend.

 Wait With Me, Amy Daws

Miles is the kind of guy we all hope is the one chosen to work on our car.  Hot, sweaty, dirty in all the best ways.  And lucky Kate, he's smitten...he just doesn't know it yet.  He's been burned by a drama-loving gold-digger in the past and he's not ready to let anyone past his emotional barriers, and maybe not ever.  But when a small, titian-haired, pizza-shirt wearing woman in flip-flops barrels into him, quite literally, all bets are off.

There were times that I wasn't a fan of his attitude and the way he would go back and forth.  And his "end" for them was totally harsh.  I get the past overlapping with Kate's drama and making him lash out but that was seriously brutal.  And seeing as how the only thing she omitted  was her "real" name and kinda-fudged the details about the roommate/ex situation, I don't know that either of those things warranted such a severe response.  When it came to everything that she is, she didn't lie.  There seems to be a lot of focus on her "lies" but she told him her pen name in full and because it really is a part of her I don't feel like that was a lie.  Every other moment she was genuine with who and what she is.

Their resolution, however, was everything it should be.  Sweet, tender, sexy, genuine, and heartfelt.  The entire story played out well.  I was interested in everything that happened and didn't want to put the book down once I started reading.  Sometimes I laughed, other times I teared up, and then there were moments when I cringed not only internally, but actually felt my face tighten in response to certain situations.  I was made to feel things while reading and I love when that happens.  So yes, I loved this book.  There were small issues here and there and individual moments were sometimes very clearly what I wouldn't have wanted to experience yet worked in the story, but despite those times I was won over and over again and enjoyed nearly every minute spent reading.

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 Wait With Me, Amy Daws

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