Score: Men of Hidden Creek, A.E. Wasp

Score: Men of Hidden Creek, A.E. Wasp

A hockey-playing drifter, an honor-bound older brother/caretaker.  Neither were what they were looking for but made the best partner, if only they can take a chance on love.

Beau has found a temporary home with the Tornadoes in Hidden Creek, Texas and Lady Gaga, his beloved van, gives him the chance to meet one of the hottest men he's had the fortune to meet.  With the opportunity to escape the drama at the team bunkhouse he hopes Connor will extend the offer.  Not only is he drawn to Connor physically, but there's something else that calls to him.  I loved watching his maturity evolve.  He'd always been the type to take care of himself as well as take care to not form attachments that might keep him from moving on when the time came.

Until now he'd done well with that but Connor and his siblings work their way into his heart.  His good heart becomes soft and he makes me ache with how much he wants to belong somewhere.  And then when he gets a chance he reverts back to that small boy who just wants to be loved, to be asked, to be kept and so he bottles up his desire for more to heed Connor's advice to leave and pursue his dreams.  But are they really his dreams?  Enlightenment comes from his father and that conversation is another tear-jerker.  Realizing that a lot of his own loneliness is a result of his own actions and the unspoken fears of others he resolves to be silent no more and to get his man.

 Score: Men of Hidden Creek, A.E. Wasp
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Connor lost more than a life in the military when his mom and step-dad died.  But he's never had the chance to focus on that and truly grieve.  Instead, he honored their will and took on the care of his four younger siblings.  Working as a mechanic and trying to make ends meet while living up to the expectations of the State, the law, his boss, the church ladies who bring food, the needs of his siblings...he's struggling to find his own way in life and is slowly drowning.  Until a hot mermaid-haired hockey player in a ridiculous van steps in.

Grief can really mess you up, especially when you either choose not to deal with it or don't have a chance to.  Each of Connor's siblings, along with himself, are struggling under that weight and it's quickly coming to a head.  Seeing his little breakdowns amidst all the falling for Beau moments made me a little more okay with pushing Beau toward his career.  Did it stick?  Thank God, no, but that's something you'll have to read yourself.  The good and painful thing of that act was that it gave him a chance to have the breakdown of all breakdowns for himself to come to terms with all he's lost.  It's not happy, it's painful to see but such a turning-point for him.  We thought maybe that one big scare with Sean was it, but no, that was just a precursor to all that's simmering and boiling within him.  Oh, the feels!!

But the best thing is when they come together in honesty, passion, bearing their hearts and desires for the future.  Everything was worth it to get to this point.  There's hope, love, and some seriously hot sexy times between Connor and Beau right from the start and the journey is so worth reading.

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Score: Men of Hidden Creek, A.E. Wasp

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