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Stunned from the moment he saw her, Jay captivated Jordan and he was determined that she be his forever.  Jay was equally smitten but her cluelessness stuck him in the friend zone for years before one moment changed everything for them.  Their journey was sweet, cute, awkward, and far more dramatic than expected, but their passion and rightness together was spot on.  They were meant for one another and no shady business deals or kidnappings were going to keep them apart.

Jay was flighty and yet completely focused and driven to do her job well.  She was competent and no-nonsense when it came to her duties and I admired her dedication.  At the same time she was a chatterbox and sneaky passionate.  While she didn't have any experience in that department she wasn't shy about her own sensuality.  Her juvenile (youthful, not immature) excitement about playing it up for Jordan was sweet and cute.  When worse came to worst for her and her sister she kept her wits about her and used her head to think through their problem rather than cowering, crying, and becoming more a liability than an asset.  There's nothing wrong with crying or being afraid, not at all.  Stressful situations even more mild than what she was experiencing can trigger different reactions in different people and it's all natural and fine, I just admire Jay's response.  She definitely felt fear but her concern for her sister, her determination to stay alive, and her commitment to being found by Jordan was fierce and spoke to her inner strength.  She came out of the situation stronger than when she went in and that strength will only serve her well from here on out, especially to be the best partner for Jordan in all aspects of life.

 Claimed, Alexa Riley

Jordan was unexpected.  I loved his heart, his willingness to accept fate's hand in his choice of life-mate.  His tenderness and affection for his father and deceased mother, the way he cared for Jay before ever voicing his attraction, his virgin status, all of these things combined to make him more than just a scarred yet handsome security guard, it made him human and infinitely likable.  I was surprised that he would have chosen to wait for the right woman before becoming sexually active.  His reaction to Jay's dangerous situation was expected but I respected his choice to do what needed to be done rather than what his reactions dictated he should do.  The way things were resolved showed that his turmoil could be tempered with reason.  He was a good man through and through and virtually every scene showed his dedication to staying one.

 Claimed, Alexa Riley

Together Jordan and Jay were playful, loyal, quirky, and devoted.  While their intimacies were a bit advanced for two virgins I will suspend my belief about that in favor of just being happily surprised that neither of them are formula virgins or the sex-pots we generally get in stories like these.  Their interactions were more sweet than sexy most of the time, which I appreciated.  The description of their first lunch together was adorable and completely endearing.  When all the drama came down it was surprising in its intensity.  I wasn't expecting all the violence and gore that we were privy to.  It was pretty tasteful, if stuff like that can be considered tasteful, I just wasn't expecting it to that extent.  The resolution was surprisingly realistic with Jordan's struggles to accept life as it was after their dramatic ordeal.  I appreciated that his father made him see how important it was that he shouldn't smother Jay because he was afraid for her.  His realization of his own fears allowed him to be honest and to heal from everything that happened to the person he loved most.

 Claimed, Alexa Riley

So as a bit of an aside that I feel should be noted, there were many mentions of Jordan's spying and how Jay was okay with it all while acknowledging many times that she should be creeped out.  Yeah, I'm leaning more toward the creepy vibe rather than the happy-to-be-protected vibe.  There should have been a discussion about it and boundaries.  Yes, he wasn't doing anything maliciously, nothing was perverted, and nothing was too invasive, BUT the tendencies themselves shouldn't be lauded or praised.  It's a violation that shouldn't be okay even if it was super tame and described romantically in this story.

And when all is said and done, the story ended well and on a very positive note thus making up for all the crazy they had to endure.  The characters were likable and a great pairing.  Side characters were support but stood out in their own way and drew interest into their own stories.

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 Claimed, Alexa Riley
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