Advanced Physical Chemistry: Chemistry Lessons Book 3, Susannah Nix

Advanced Physical Chemistry: A Romantic Comedy (Chemistry Lessons Book 3) by [Nix, Susannah]

Catching a cheater is one thing, recovering from the cheating is another.  And when you find that your drama is fodder for all and sundry and the hottie you've been superficially crushing on knew and didn't tell you?  Embarrassment city.  But the fallout wasn't as devastating for Penelope as she thought it would be.  Her personal evolution has its ups and downs and there's more to the hottie barista than just the secret keeping, awesome foam art, and delicious body.  Penny's decision to take a hiatus from men takes a backseat after one surprising, brain-melting kiss.  He might just be what she's always been looking for...but only if she can get him to open up to her beyond a no-strings arrangement.

I loved that this wasn't just about Penelope's size.  It very easily could have been a "Let's all love the curves," kind of book and it ended up being so very much more than that, pun not intended.  I myself am a woman of curves so I always appreciate happy, healthy women who have a little heft, you know?  But sometimes there are books that focus so much on the love of soft, generous curves that it becomes less about what's inside and more about the packaging...pretty much defeating the purpose of a meaningful romance and instead focusing on what someone looks like.  Penny did need a boost in confidence after catching cheating jerk number four with a skinny blonde, but what she needed more than that was the love of a good man who could see everything that made her awesome, curves included.

With Caleb she got that.  Although it took quite a while to get there.  Watching them fumble through the complications of casual versus serious was equal parts apprehension and hotness.  Because Caleb is careful of how much of his personal life he shares with Penny we're wondering just how they're ever going to get on the same page if he's unwilling to open up.  We all knew that Penny wouldn't be able to keep things casual for long because she lives her life guided by her heart.  The surprising part was just how invested Caleb became.  Once we read about his heart we can look back on their interactions and see just how much his heart was actually there, we were just oblivious to it or misled because we're seeing their entire relationship through Penny's eyes.  That epilogue though...perfection!!  I loved that it was in Caleb's POV.  Through his eyes we see how much and how deeply he cares for Penny, that he's really in it just as far as she is and his intentions are so sappy sweet, so ideal for the two of them as a couple.

In the beginning I was wishing for an alternating POV rather than just getting Penny's mind but soon after I was okay with keeping Caleb's thoughts mostly a secret.  It drew out the anticipation and increased the confusion so we were made to feel everything as Penny felt things.  Her frustration was ours, her concerns were ours.  The supporting cast was interesting enough to keep our interest and make a well-rounded community for the MC's yet they were also able to fade into the background to truly be support to the MC's without drawing our focus away from them.  Overall it was effective, especially when we were given Caleb's view at the very end.  The entire story was deeply satisfying, fun, sweet, and most definitely hot.

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Susannah Nix lives in Texas with her husband, two ornery cats, and a flatulent pit bull. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, cooking, knitting, watching stupid amounts of television, and getting distracted by Tumblr. She is also a powerlifter who can deadlift as much as Captain America weighs.

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