Submit: Power Book 2, Bailey Bradford

Submit (Power Book 2) by [Bradford, Bailey]

Larry has had an incredibly difficult life and I loved him right from the beginning.  His heart and commitment to helping everyone around him before himself is not just selfless, it's an example worth a point.  You can't serve someone from an empty platter.  Larry has trouble refilling his platter.  His friendships and philanthropy aren't healing him the way he had hoped.  He's lonely and needs relief.  A mutual acquaintance brings him to the attention of a Dom that can give him the relief he seeks and before he realizes it, he's drawn to the man for more.

Bo is lonely.  When he's captivated by Larry's face and attitude willingly participates in a scene with him.  Realizing quickly that he's drawn to him beyond what he can do for the beautiful man with a cane or a flogger, he hopes to find him at the club again.  There's something deeper and darker that calls to him.  Seeing him outside of the club by coincidence gives him the opportunity to begin something more with him.  As he falls for Larry his own heart finds the place it was always meant to be.

This was an intense story that was far too short for my liking.  I seriously enjoyed it.  There was a dynamic here to their practice of BDSM that was unique to this pairing.  A lot of respect and genuine affection drove their interactions which I found fantastic.  The sexy times didn't happen at first and this isn't something I've come across in other stories like this I've read thus far.  Usually, it's an intense sexual attraction that leads to some kind of scene with sex included and then some angst and a relationship that grows from there.

Instead, we have two men who need something deeper, a connection to be their foundation, turmoil from their lives outside their scenes that drive the need for their scenes.  Affection builds as they learn boundaries.  Their communication is phenomenal.  They discuss limits and expectations and personalities before getting into what they can do for one another and they make it work.

Like I said, this story was far too short.  I wanted much more.  There was so much potential as individuals and as a pair that was unfulfilled because of the story's length.  I'm hoping that as I continue the series I'll get more relationships like theirs that feel real, organic, and tender in addition to the hotness that comes from their steamy interactions.

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 Submit: Power Book 2, Bailey Bradford

*You get to meet Tom and Hank briefly in Submit.
Find out how Larry encourages them to find their own happiness together...
Exchange (Power Book 1) by [Bradford, Bailey]
Exchange: Power Book 1, Bailey Bradford

What’s a sub to do when the Dom he wants looks dejected? Hank’s about to find out as soon as he works up the nerve to approach Master Thomas.
Hank has watched and wanted Master Thomas for a long time. When Master Thomas’ sub leaves him looking dejected, Hank wants to take a chance. Fear holds him back until his friend prompts him to take action and be more forward than he’s ever been before.
Thomas isn’t broken-hearted, but his pride sure took a hit. He’s sitting in the club, doubting himself, as his ex-sub is acting more like a Dom than not.
Then a sub wearing white leather approaches Thomas with some goading from a friend. Thomas has noticed Hank before, but the timing was never right for them to connect—until now.
With one daring move by a sub who knows Doms are only human, the future suddenly looks brighter than Thomas had hoped it could be.

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