Heart2Heart: A Charity Anthology

Heart2Heart: A Charity Anthology by [Lennox, Lucy, Archer, May, Cochet, Charlie, Dennison, Poppy, Hendricks, Alison, Kennedy, Sloane, Luhnow, Ruthie, Morton, Lily, Turner, Hailey, Wasp, A. E., Chris Owen, Leslie Copeland ]

The Set-Up:
Awkward, sweet, memorable meet-cute.  Ryder is the hot guy in the window everyone is drooling over, especially Bailey, the compassionate geek responsible for the algorithms of the dating app.  Skipping the last test won't hurt anything, right?  I mean, when was the last time a hot, built man of awesome took a second look at the lanky, nerdy computer programmer in a bow-tie?  Loved the meet-cute and am really looking forward to seeing where they go from here...

The Professional Gamer and the Paranormal Photographer, Alison Hendricks:
Slow, sweet, and simple.  The passion was super mellow and more like something you'd see in real life.  It's not always about excitement, electricity, and intensity.  Sometimes it's more about taking a second look, trying to see why someone likes what they like, why they live like they do, and building on a little spark instead of trying to tame an inferno.

That being said, I didn't really feel it going anywhere.  I like where they were headed, but beyond that I wasn't really drawn into the story and the characters both felt slightly dull, just not dynamic and captivating.  2.5 stars.

The Magician and the Mortician, A.E. Wasp:
The age gap worked here with Beto needing another chance at happiness, love, and magic, and Mikey who had more than enough youth, wisdom, energy, and love for both of them.  They each find something they were missing and were captivated by one another right from the start.

 Heart2Heart: A Charity Anthology

Incredibly sexy, tremendously sweet, there was a lot of hope, love, and healing here.  The themes of death and life were woven throughout the entire story.  I liked these two men together and the end scene in the funeral parlor was both awkward and sweet.  It was a bit over the top but worked for the pair.  3 stars.

The Assassin and the Dog Walker, Charlie Cochet:
Mostly good.  I was annoyed that Lymond became the bad guy.  Yes, he said hurtful things but he was doing it to give Daniel the last reason he needed so he could leave.  He made it easier for Daniel to do what he was going to do anyway: run.  Daniel was the one to shut them down first, to do and say what he did because he had a moment of panic.  It was understandable but to be so aware of Lymond's heart and needs during sex and the intimacy that followed and even recognizing the vulnerable need to be loved while he was panicking and to still hurt Lymond in a much worse way than Lymond hurt him doesn't make it okay.

 Heart2Heart: A Charity Anthology

Overall the story was sweet.  It was Lymond's tenderness, thoughtfulness, and confession that made the relationship and story work.  Daniel started out feisty, witty, charming, and likable but he very quickly paled in comparison to the quality of man Lymond was.  It was like they switched places instead of both growing to be a good pairing.  3 stars.

The Criminal and the Sommelier: Chris Owen:
I honestly wish there were more.  Something to keep them from ending on such a cliff-hanger kind of moment and to redeem the men from their pomposity.  I'd like Angel's POV from here though.  To get to their HEA from their maybe/possibly/kind of/not really HFN would certainly be an adventure.  While the story didn't sink deep it was certainly intriguing.  A sommelier and a theif wouldn't be a normal pairing, no, but the men were interesting and could have been complex if we were allowed to know them more, more deeply.  2.5 stars.

The Superhero and the NSA Agent, Hailey Turner:
Immensely sweet and hot.  Shane is funny while being uber serious.  Damian is absolutely endearing while being shy, sweet, and super hot.  The beginning manages to be exciting and funny right from the get-go and the interest is maintained despite the lack of explosions once Damian enters the scene, well, just the RPG variety.  The explosions thereafter are the ones between Shane and Damian behind closed doors.  Around their awesomeness is a stellar cast of people we get to know quickly and like just as much as the MC's.  Surprising, for such a short story.  4.5 stars.

The Tattoo Artist and the Writer, Lily Morton:
This friends-to-lovers story was super cute.  I liked both men and the years between their realizations and the actual coming together made for some intense steam.  They were sexy together and the way they knew so deeply about one another was apparent.  But knowing one another also makes them prone to making unilateral decisions based on assumptions.  And we all know what assumptions do...

 Heart2Heart: A Charity Anthology

They certainly don't get the asses in the same bed, that's for sure.  When they finally get it together with a little help from alcohol and a bitter ex I couldn't have been happier for them.  I did get quite tired of the many instances of bowing out and deciding for the other person regarding their feelings but the end was worth the wait.  3.5 stars.

The Uber Driver and the Phone Sex Operator, Lucy Lennox:
Sweet and hot.  Travis is filling in for his deaf brother who's an Uber driver.  When what to his wondering ears should he hear but sexy moans, groans, and "Harder, Daddy, harder!" from the man in the rear.
...Yeah, forgive me for that...

 Heart2Heart: A Charity Anthology

Immediately intrigued and turned on, Travis is surprised but very pleased that his Heart2Heart date is none other than the phone-sex operator, Azrael.  He also gets the surprise of his life when Azrael is more than interested in having Travis be his first.  Chemistry galore, here, and they are incendiary from the word go.  But they have more in common than they think and with some family drama and hidden identity issues to overcome it's those commonalities that give them the tentative and tender beginnings of what will be a spicy HEA.  4 stars.

The Baker and the SEAL, May Archer:
Absolutely sweetness upon sexy sweetness.  I loved this couple.  The humility, attraction, affection, and acceptance of everything they are to and for one another was wonderful.

Ash, the SEAL, is at the mercy of his soon-to-be sister-in-law and finds himself in a vanilla-scented heaven and staring into the bourbon colored eyes of a man he could see himself obeying.  Cal is a fiery tempered red head who is fast approaching his last nerve until a blond Adonis walks in and quotes Nietzshe.  A couple misunderstandings bank the spark Cal feels until he finds out that his date is none other than the philosopher-quoting hottie.  When the discord is settled and they give into the draw they feel for one another their romance moves very, very quickly.

 Heart2Heart: A Charity Anthology

The passion is intense, quick, and very, very hot.  Their relationship is on its way to a forever-kind of happiness but since it's a short, sweet, insta-love story the reality is suspended a little bit under the guise of Valentine's Day magic.  The epilogue is full of sexy tenderness and gives them the beginning of the forever part of their happily ever after.

4 out of 5 stars.  Side characters mentioned hinted at a sexuality situation that seemed important and yet not addressed.  I wish there were a bit more depth, but wasn't unhappy with what was included.  Full of squee-inducing sweetness, one hot bedroom scene, lots of connection and potential for the MC's.  Really, really enjoyed this short story.  (I got an ARC of the book from this author, hence the longer review.)

The Event Planner and the Electrician, Poppy Dennison:
Perfect, sweet, silly.  Love, love Theo with his silliness, never-ending chatter, honesty, awkwardness, and his enthusiasm.  I loved Harvey with his earnestness, the way he's captivated and charmed by Theo despite the elbow-meets-nose incident.  His eagerness to make amends for something he's unsure he did wrong because he's unwilling to let his connection with Theo go.  I wish there were another chapter or two, maybe even an epilogue, the story definitely needed it.  With the ridiculous amount of cuteness, desire, and connection, if this were a longer story it'd be HEA city all the way and a full 5 stars.  4 stars.

Theo pushed the phone toward her with a scowl.  "I cannot be bribed."
She arched a brow and Theo pulled the phone back and held it cradled to his chest.
"Okay, I can totally be bribed..."

The Lawyer and the Lobsterman, Ruthie Luhnow:
An awkward, unpleasant beginning to their date but the end was simultaneously hot and tender.  These two men have lots of potential together and I enjoyed them.  BUT I WANTED MORE!  Both the promised bedroom scene and from the relationship.

 Heart2Heart: A Charity Anthology

They have a great connection once they realize there's more, much more, beneath the surface.  I'd like to have seen more than just the beginnings of what ended up being an awesome night.  3.5 stars.

The Florist and the Lawyer, Sloane Kennedy:
It got super deep super fast here.  These men were complicated and multi-faceted.  To develop them in such a short story was a pleasant surprise.  They had so much that was different but so much that the other person needed.  Seriously hot and full of heart with funny moments too.  The absurdly perfect epilogue tied the whole thing together.  4 stars.

The Fallout: 
Cute, sweet, full-circle.  Tender and definitely a bunch of insta-love goodness.  I like the casual mentions of a few of the couples at the end, some of my favorite couples in the anthology too, so that's a bonus.  But my favorite bit is the shared love between seemingly opposite men that started out awkward, sweet, and sexy and ended the same way.  3.5 stars.

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 Heart2Heart: A Charity Anthology

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