Wire: Pierce Security Book 2, Anne Conley

Wire (Pierce Securities Book 2) by [Conley, Anne]

Hero worship, one night, unforgettable passion, and an instant connection.  This kind of encounter could go either toward building something multi-faceted and wonderful and lasting or it could become a moment of regret built on imaginings.  Paige chose neither when she walked out on a sleeping Evan.  Until a murdering AI brings them together.

Evan is shocked and excited seeing Sandra again.  The woman who he searched and pined for for months after he woke up alone is right in front of him.  Nothing could be a brighter omen for this new job he's working.  Except she's cagey and avoiding him and he doesn't know why.  When he sees her directing the staff meeting and realizes she's not Sandra but Paige, his client and pseudo boss?  Anger and hurt swirl in equal measure inside.

Neither one of the them were able to shake off their one night six months ago but neither of them are able to articulate that to one another either.  Misunderstandings, frustrations, and unknown players are all thrown together and their situation becomes a volatile mix of entanglements that keeps everyone on their toes.  Evan isn't sure he can trust Paige, Paige seems to trust everyone.  Evan can't stay away from her, Paige can't stay away from him.  So where will this road take them?

Evan is a 4 star man and Paige is a 3 star woman for me.  I enjoy Evan quite a lot.  He's wicked smart, focused, intense, devoted, passionate, has a sense of humor, and pays attention to hunches and cues, most of the time, so I feel like I can believe him and his capability.  I also believe that he's more than attracted to Paige and the future they could have together.  He's just about the perfect package.

Paige, on the other hand, I have a harder time believing.  She's smart, driven, and good.  Her goodness allows her to see the best in people.  Her pride keeps her from seeing the truth.  She's so contrary so often and fights instinct and evidence with no concrete reason except to defy Evan's strong personality.  I have a hard time when someone so smart willfully ignores reason.  She also goes from hero worship to something deeper without a lot in-between.  Well, the insanity and danger surrounding her is between but that's not really something you can build on to last.  Evan's devotion and affection is her saving grace, really.

The story overall is actually pretty good.  With getting clues and hints about who the villain is we see it from a vocal outside observer position.  We have moments where we're shouting in our minds about "how can they not see?!" and "no, no, no, why would you do that?!" and other things like that.  It builds anxiety for the showdown part.  The showdown was super mild but what the villain caused that diminished the hero/villain confrontation was much more intense.  Evan got to play hero for real, not just by figuring out what was going on but by physically rescuing his client and lover.  I was suitably satisfied by the outcome.  The epilogue was humorous, sexy, and sweet at the same time.  It was a really good segue from all the intensity into something hinting at a more settled and happy future for our MC's.  I'll be looking forward to seeing their future from the periphery of Miriam's story in Click, the next book in the Pierce Security series.

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 Wire: Pierce Security Book 2, Anne Conley

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Craze (Pierce Securities Book 1) by [Conley, Anne]
 Craze: Pierce Security Book 1, Anne Conley
When Krista catches her boss doing the unthinkable, the only thing she can do is run--straight into the arms of the eye-candy she’s been trying not to flirt with on her lunch break. But whose side is he on?

Ryan’s security firm is having a hard time getting off the ground, and this may be just the job to help the company out. But pseudo-bounty hunter isn’t really what Pierce Securities is trying to get a name for. When he finds out their target is the classy lady from the park, all of Ryan’s senses go on high alert. What do these men want with her?

Krista is forced into Ryan’s sanctuary in the woods, where she realizes just how wild he is, but she doesn’t want to tame him. He may feel his methods of protection endangered her, but without Krista in his life, Ryan is crazed.

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