The Bear's Home, Emilia Hartley

The Bear's Home by [Hartley, Emilia]

A giant of a bear-man who knows very little about his past, a sly feline-woman whose avarice might just ruin her chance at a future with that bear-man.  Both of these shifters will need to find a way to win against their personal demons in order to win against a threat to their town and their happiness.

Thorn is a bear of a man, both literally and supernaturally, and likes his simple life of fighting, felling trees, and fornicating.  (Can't exactly use the word you were thinking I'd use...)  When Felicity shows up he's drawn to her but has no clue why.  There's also something that's threatening the way of life he's so comfortable with.

Felicity is a mountain lion shifter and loves the acquisition of land.  It's part of the deal with her feline nature and it has brought her to the tiny town of Ripple, Oregon.  Surprised by her attraction to Thorn she finds that all her careful plans are thrown into disarray in the face of their passion and a larger threat they can't name.

The entire story was actually pretty interesting.  There were a lot of elements that drew me in with the town and the secondary characters.  I was not thrilled with the Sally stuff and could have done without that.  More annoying was the way Thorn described each woman, objectifying them and seeing sex more than anything else.  I kind of believe that he'll be loyal to Felicity but their relationship is never really discussed and their draw is mainly physical so anything deeper to bind them to one another is missing.

Ending with a few points unfinished it reads like it will continue with a series and I hope it does.  I liked the town and I'd like to see Thorn's growth as his role of apex along with Felicity.  Their town needs it and with all the hints but no actual education I think it'll fall flat if it's not expounded on with more books to support everything introduced in The Bear's Home.

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 The Bear's Home, Emilia Hartley

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