Taming Irish: Wild Irish Book 3, C.M. Seabrook

Taming Irish: A Rock Star Romance (Wild Irish Book 3) by [Seabrook, C.M.]

Absorbing, compelling, captivating, sizzling from the first page to the last.  Two people determined to avoid commitment but for very different reasons.  Shane wants to make women sing, but only in bed.  Makena wants to hide, preferably in bed, but alone.  When an unintentional airplane encounter and an equally surprising knock on the door bring them into one another's orbit there's little they can do to escape from the passion and interest drawing them together.  Until their respective pasts show up and threaten the tenuous relationship they've been building.

Shane, the sexy bachelor drummer of the band Wild Irish, is restless.  He wishes he were on tour and is beginning to resent the other members of Wild Irish and the domesticity they've found with their spouses.  Believing that there's nothing missing in his life, he's certain none of his vices are fillers for some kind of emptiness in his soul.  At least, not like Cillian and Owen had before they found love.  He's perfectly happy and content with bedding every interested woman he comes across.  He doesn't need anything more than a drink, his music, and a willing woman.  But with one random encounter with a skittish yet gorgeous American, he's headed straight for happily ever after and he doesn't even know it.

Makena has been hurt, degraded, shamed by the person she thought would love her forever.  Vows apparently meant nothing to her celebrity ex and she has absolutely zero interest in getting involved with another celebrity again, even if the one both flirting with and annoying her is as sexy a man as she's ever seen.  Not knowing who Shane really is, she's caught off guard with everything she learns of him as they get to know one another.  Before she knows it she's falling hard and fast until her past and the tabloids catch up with them and she's ready to abandon her budding feelings in favor of the safety of hiding in anonymity.

 Taming Irish: Wild Irish Book 3, C.M. Seabrook

He's determined to get her into bed, she's determined to stay out of it.  It's inevitable with their chemistry that Shane's more likely to get what he wants than Makena, but what he wasn't counting on was catching his own feelings for her.  They're explosive together but also amazingly tender.  It feels so genuine, natural, organic how their relationship progresses.  The timeline is quick, yes, but when you know, you just know.  With family and friends supporting them through their courtship they see that a future between them is actually possible.

The drama that followed Shane threatened to ruin everything between him and Makena.  I was predicting a reveal in the worst way and for her to jet back to America or at least break things off in a way that made him run and avoid her for a while until she came back to her senses and approached him, but what happened was immensely better than that.  There were a ton of ways it could have happened but the way it came out had both predictable reactions and unexpected ones too.  I liked how things worked out, that circumstances saved Makena from jumping to conclusions and kept Shane from botching the delivery too badly.

Speaking of circumstances, the issue with Shane's drama ended up being quite intense and absolutely unexpected.  It was also short and resolved fairly quickly so it didn't draw too much focus away from the MC's and the relationship unfolding in the story.  A flash of crazy amidst a bit of angst and a whole lot of tender revelations, sweet confessions, and hopeful promises.

I loved this story.  Makena's struggles were realistic and her panicked confession that brought out Shane's offer was painfully honest and endearing.  Her vulnerability spoke to Shane in a way he was never expecting.  Shane was all kinds of hotness and temptation but his heart is so very good.  His devotion to family and music drew him to the beauty of Makena's soul.  They were such a good pair for one another.  The events in the story ranged from sweet to sexy and back again so many times that when the absolutely incredible epilogue rolled around I was so in love with them that I wasn't sure I could fall any deeper.  I was wrong.  The epilogue brought everyone together in a way that was incredibly uplifting and the perfect way to draw all three couples' story to a stunning close.

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 Taming Irish: Wild Irish Book 3, C.M. Seabrook

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