Manny's Surprise Baby: Bodyguards and Babies Book 3, S.C. Wynne

Manny's Surprise Baby: An Mpreg Romance (Bodyguards and Babies Book 3) by [Wynne, S.C. ]

Pierce had all kinds of attitude in book 2, Rockstar Baby and both his damage and prickly vulnerability drew me in.  He made me want to know him and watch as he softened and healed.  Seth is really such a good partner for Pierce and watching their story unfold was a pleasure.

Seth is in quite a pickle with a surprise 8 years after a one-night stand.  When the mother suddenly dies he's left with a daughter that he doesn't know anything about and has no clue how to raise.  Running to Colin for help turns out to be not only his answer to childcare but to his heart's future too.

Pierce is looking for a bit of normalcy in a world he left behind.  Unsure of himself but unwilling to hide away in the mountains any longer, he returns to LA and crashes with Colin and Riley until he can find a job and start living in the real world again.  Their conversation is interrupted by a harried and seemingly arrogant alpha.  But when a job is reluctantly offered he reluctantly accepts.

As Pierce gets to know Seth he finds himself unwillingly attracted to the first alpha since his life was torn apart.  Something about Seth draws him in an he's scared of what that means.  He can continue to hide or he can choose to accept.  By hiding his heart away he can continue to find release with other omegas and never allow himself to be taken advantage of and hurt by another alpha again but he'll also never know true love and acceptance and a family of his own.  And if he accepts something more with Seth he'll be opening himself up and making all his soft places known, he'll be at the mercy of an alpha who might be just as two-faced as so many others he's known.

Seth is straight.  Or so he thinks.  He's confused by the attraction he feels for Pierce and denying it is getting harder and harder.  He's also confused by Pierce's attitude.  With Pierce unwilling to share his past Seth is left wondering how he can get closer to the prickly omega.  Once the truth comes out he becomes determined to keep just enough distance to let Pierce feel safe but not enough to let him run.  When the moon's influence push them both into a situation they've fantasized about they find that the consequences might be more than Pierce can handle.

There's blundering and honesty and vulnerability and healing all throughout the story.  Seth's feelings toward Pierce are sweet and grow slowly letting us believe his affection and change.  Pierce's feelings are more erratic but we can see that Seth's steady presence is just what Pierce needs.  Together they can create a safe home for Emily and I loved watching them get to this point.  Having Colin and Riley there for support and advice is great too, they're perfect for Pierce and Seth.

The situation used to show Pierce what he could miss out on by not going all in with Seth is a bit awkward and I don't know that it was more beneficial than another device the author could have used.  It was a bit jarring and distracting even though the ultimate outcome was effective for reminding Pierce what his reluctance and running could cost him.  I'm also not a fan of Emily's age.  By making her 8 I can see the vulnerability and fear that she would be feeling and our first meeting is appropriate.  Soon after she warms up to Pierce, though, she's all of a sudden speaking and acting like she's 12.  And when she warms up to Seth the conversations she has with him and Pierce both together and separately sound more like they could be coming from a 14 year old.  Her character was a good addition but the way she was written was inconsistent and not really believable.  Aside from those two points the story was enjoyable and well written.

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