Forever with You, Londra Laine

Forever With You by [Laine, Londra]

One man's life is filled with wealth but not love, the other has all the family love in the world without wealth.  Neither man has the romantic life of their dreams and are sure it doesn't exist for them.  But one birthday kiss has them questioning everything they thought was meant for them.

Kelly is a young, single man with the custody of his younger brother.  He's lived a hard life and is determined to do the best for his brother which means working an admin assistant's job in the day and moonlighting as a go-go dancer on the weekend.  He's intensely attracted to boss, it's just too bad his boss hates him.  Treating him like garbage and embarrassing him in front of his colleagues is par for the course and he's getting fed up.

Andrew is a mess.  Well, not that you could tell.  His turmoil is on the inside.  He appears to be a handsome, successful, wealthy man who could do his job in his sleep and have any woman he wants.  Inside, though, he's a closeted gay man with a huge crush on his sexy assistant.  Kelly has him tied up in knots.  When his desire gets the better of him and he kisses Kelly their passion ignites and a kiss quickly turns into more.  Until Kelly freezes and throws a bucket of ice on all their heat.

 Forever with You, Londra Laine

Confused and frustrated Andrew gets together with a couple friends to go to a bar.  Trying to get Kelly off his mind is harder than expected, especially when the man himself is dancing like a sex god on the stage.  Their second confrontation is just as frustrating but for different reasons.  Andrew can't help but put his foot in his mouth time and time again leaving Kelly angry and hurt and more turned on than he can stand.

Kelly has a past trauma to overcome and Andrew needs all the patience he can find to keep Kelly in his life.  They soon begin falling for one another and with a precocious and precious Jaylen in the mix, the desire to keep Kelly's little family for his own has Andrew reconsidering everything he ever thought he could have or want for his life.

I really liked this story.  There was passion, patience, love and angst.  Andrew's earnest desires for a life with Kelly were more than a little endearing.  Kelly's struggles were heartbreaking but seeing him do his best and want to try again and again after finally giving in to his desire to be with Andrew was heartwarming.  They each have something the other person desperately needed and I felt like they were a great match for one another.  Despite the secrets that, when revealed, preyed on Kelly's insecurities and fears and Andrew's constant evasion, it was clear that they were still mean to be together.  The whole story was full of so many of the best things that make a family a family.

*4.11 on Amazon!
 Forever with You, Londra Laine

 Forever with You, Londra Laine

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