Built for Speed: Winter Sports Book 1, Declan Rhodes

Built for Speed: Winter Sports, Book 1 by [Rhodes, Declan]

Both James and Lucas have something to overcome, to conquer.  For James, it's the ice itself, for Lucas, it's his pride.  One race, one kiss, and they're both willing to try to keep something going despite the distance.  When location no longer becomes a problem it's only their fear that could keep them apart.  The question is, are they willing to fight their fears for the chance at their own happily ever after?

I enjoyed James and his earnestness.  He was sweet, realistic, and yet so very hopeful.  He charmed me from the very beginning.  Lucas was more fragile and vulnerable.  His zest for life was shadowed by what he gave up, because of his pride.  He still yearned so much for everything James could be for him.

James was clearly the star for me, even his moment of weakness after injury didn't keep me from knowing he'd come around.  Lucas took much longer to really warm up to.  I felt for him, yes, but he also frustrated me.  With one moment he cut off all that could be and only because James gave in to desire to contact him first did they end their separation.  Lucas had the courage to address and conquer his fears but there was so little apologies and open honesty from him that he couldn't be my favorite.  James at least had the courage to not only conquer his fear but to be the one to broach their distance twice, to apologize, and to forgive.

The MC pairing was good and on the sweeter side of things than steamy, the sexual nature of their relationship was mostly off page and slightly awkward in a juvenile way because of youth, I suppose, and that was alright for their dynamic.  Overall the story was nice, good, and had lots of hope and happiness at the end.  With James' personality and genuine heart coming out on top, I find the story memorable and sticking with me.  Because of that I'm more than willing to round up from 3.5 to 4 stars on all review sites.

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 Built for Speed: Winter Sports Book 1, Declan Rhodes

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