Only with You, JD Chambers

Only with You (Only Colorado Book 1) by [Chambers, JD]

Awkward cuteness, emo hotness, intense and fast describes them once they finally make their connection and I loved every minute of that.  They were both unsure in equal measure, just in different ways.  Drama was not far behind, though, between insecurities and vulnerability and secrets and neither one was immune to any of it.

Zach is a nerd.  In the best ways, obviously, but a nerd nonetheless.  He's misunderstood by just about everyone except for his best friend Ben.  With an unfortunate experience in college where he let his nerd and kink flag fly with someone he thought he could trust and was summarily dumped, shamed, and crushed, he vowed to keep as much of his true self under wraps as he possibly could.  Until he bumbled his way into Craig's life.

Craig is immediately charmed by everything the nerdy and blushing guy who came in with his coworker's lunch.  Unable to get him out of his mind he has Ben arrange a way for them to meet and spend a little time together as a group on the off chance that Zach would be more comfortable with Ben along.  With a chance to get to know him he's not merely charmed, he's enchanted and seeks out more time with the shy man.  He finds that he's falling fast for Zach and can't help but be worried that it'll end sooner rather than later because he doesn't feel captivating enough for how smart and motivated Zach is.

As they get more and more involved with one another they reveal more about one another, but it seems that it's only Zach sharing his past.  Zach is aware of that and is willing to give Craig time to open up whenever he's ready.  In the bedroom, however, things are moving along quickly and he thinks he's found someone he can be truly honest with.  So he shares a little...and grows to regret his passionate admissions.  Craig isn't sure what to do about Zach's confession so he does what he shouldn't do and that's to pull back.  It becomes pretty clear that his go-to solution is to edge away from uncomfortable situations until he's far enough away to bolt.

But he misses Zach and everything they could have so he sucks it up and decides to talk it out.  With things on their way back to trust it seems like things are looking up for the clumsy couple.  An incredibly awkward and embarrassing family moment, however, prove that assessment very wrong.

Being on the outs devastates both of them but it's Zach's open honesty that's left in tatters.  Craig is going to have to pull off something big to get back in his good graces.

I really enjoyed this story.  There were moments that frustrated me because of the characters' reactions as well as a lack of openness on Craig's part until almost too late.  I get Zach's love and needing someone like Craig but I wasn't a fan of how quickly he forgave Craig.  I'm not saying I wanted him to withhold forgiveness, but I was hoping for a bit more discussion both ways and a lot more groveling.  Aside from that I enjoyed this story quite a lot.  And while I'm not a fan of the brand of kink here, I respect that other people enjoy and sometimes need those things and appreciate the honesty and the safety measures discussed surrounding said kink.  Well done.  Hot and awkward is always a winning combination for me.

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 Only with You, JD Chambers

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