Lodging the Alpha's Omega, Emma Knox

Lodging the Alpha's Omega: M/M Shifter Mpreg Romance (Alpha Omega Lodge Book 1) by [Knox, Emma]

This was book had an interesting premise.  An omega doing his best to avoid any situation with a selfish, arrogant, lust-crazed alpha because of his past.  An alpha running his business and is successful, kind, strict, focused, and tiring of the game and would like to find his fated mate.  Unexpectedly meeting because of a booking error sets them on the course of discovering, bonding, and setting in motion a possible war between packs.

When everything plays out, though, it's not as interesting as I was hoping.  The book was fine and there were some highlights like an independent, confident, strong omega.  Steven was an individual and though hurt in his past, he's willing to look at the facts and sees that Drake promises nothing he's unwilling to follow through with.  He's also intelligent and resourceful and passionate.  He uses his brain to find a solution to the mess Drake's excitement and avoidance caused.

Drake himself was another highlight because he's strong yet doesn't dominate others.  He's level-headed and takes his duty as a partner and alpha seriously when it comes to Steven.  It certainly doesn't hurt that he's a hottie with a soft heart.

The plot itself had too many things to feel fluid and consistent.  There was the romance plot, which was fine and to enhance it there should have only been one other issue surrounding them.  Instead we have the chaos of heat season, inter-pack relations due to the bonding as well as not bonding with others, work drama for Steven, a kidnapping, pregnancy and health issues...there was just too much to stay focused on what really mattered.  Then there was the random archaic language structure used when Drake diffuses a situation in the lobby.  That wouldn't normally be a big deal, it was just pretty jarring because the way everyone spoke throughout the entire rest of the book didn't match.  It was like the author was trying too hard to stress the importance of Drake, his power, the situation's resolution, and the respect of the omega's response.  So adding all of it together and I wasn't able to sink into the story and just enjoy because there were too many things that broke the flow of the story's coherence and enjoyability.

Overall this was a pretty good book with a satisfying conclusion of peace, hope, reconciliation, and unity.  There was love between the MC's and intelligence and passion between them.  With a good pairing and an interesting plot idea this book's rating will be rounded up on other review sites. I've rated this 2.5 stars here but am choosing to round up on review sites because while the book had annoying moments and a lack of focus, it wasn't a bad story and it did deliver on an HEA centered on the couple and unification.

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 Lodging the Alpha's Omega, Emma Knox

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