Fever Claim: Sigma Menace Book 1, Marie Johnston

Fever Claim (The Sigma Menace Book 1) by [Johnston, Marie]

There's a whole lot going on in this book opening up the series with quite a few bangs. I enjoyed both of the MC's and am drawn to and interested in quite a few of the support characters. With a well-built cast this will be an exciting series.

Jace is damaged goods but he's honest and determined and focused on justice and his mate. He's drawn to Cassie and knows what she is to him. With perseverance and patience he finally has a chance with her and for one night he's where he knows he's meant to be. He'll do anything to protect that place and the person that provides his heart and soul's home.

Cassie is intelligent, passionate, and strong. She doesn't truly accept her passion, settling instead for the safety of a mundane relationship that she can count on to not stir up her insecurities, fears, and past traumas. When that safety is pulled from her she gives in to her emotions and vulnerabilities and allows Jace to take her home, and take her.

Come morning, though, their sexual satisfaction, confusion in uncertainty, and unexpected domestic bliss are blown apart by events building up around them. Exposed to a new world within e one she knows, Cassie is on edge but holding herself together long enough to learn about it and arm herself with information. Whether she'll give in to her pull toward Jace or not after the ashes settle, though, is the concern.

The entire story is a bit confusing because so many elements are made known, plots are being exposed, background is being explained, and characters are being introduced. By the end we get a sense of what's happening and the direction everything is headed and we're left feeling both anticipatory and anxious that all the plot points and characters will be given their due. I'm eager to see where this series goes and already being a fan of each of this author's New Vampire Disorder series, I'm sure I won't be disappointed with the writing and story arc.

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 Fever Claim: Sigma Menace Book 1, Marie Johnston

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