Bedroom Billionaire, Annette Fields

Bedroom Billionaire: A Bad Boy Romance by [Fields, Annette]

This was a much more tame version of 50 Shades in terms of domination, but definitely not more tame in terms of sensuality and amounts of sex.  I couldn't help but think of 50 Shades all the dang time during this book.  I can't say I enjoyed that comparison either since I didn't particularly enjoy the relationship dynamic in either story.  This story did, however, have a bunch more feels and softness at the end that made up for my moments of irritation.

I was honestly determined to rate this a 2 star read until I got to the end where the confessions, feelings, reconciliation, and HEA promise happened.  Full star upgrade for that.  The last couple of chapters were honestly the best part of the entire book, it made all the physical foundation of their relationship much easier to stomach because there was vulnerability, honesty, rawness, and happiness.   With a softening of expectations, a true partnership formed and I could see how well these two people could be matched.

Now, I'm not going to say the "bedroom" aspect of their relationship wasn't important or super hot, because it was both, but there wasn't a lot in the way of actual getting to know one another.  In fact, we as an audience don't actually get to know them very well at all either.  We know the basics of the betrayal but the questions Eve brings up early on about how the business was started, the why, and the goals weren't ever answered.  And who is this person, what are his motivations, what is is family like, how did he and Rowena come to know one another and form such a tight friendship...the unanswered questions we have about Weston go on and on.  Same with Eve too.  We know her family is strict and not open about sexuality at all, I think they're still alive, we don't know anything else though.  Who is she really?  With none of that I couldn't connect to either of these people.

Seeing their hearts and vulnerabilities and confessions at the end really saved this book for me.  That part was so well written that with just a couple chapters I could almost forgive the rest of the story.   Aside from that I don't think it matches the quality the author usually produces.   While not my favorite work by her, it's not terrible and a lot of people obviously love it.  Underwhelming for me with a lack of connection to characters.  Writing is still good and the steam is super hot.

*Will you love Weston and Eve?
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 Bedroom Billionaire, Annette Fields

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