Six Impossible Things Parts 5-6, Skylar Hill

Six Impossible Things (5 Book Series) by  Skylar Hill

Six Impossible Things: Part Five by [Hill, Skylar]So sweet, supportive, hot, and well on their way to solidifying their own HEA.  I can definitely say I didn't expect to hear from Greg again but he showed up anyway and tried his best to ruin things for Nora.  With one distracted moment Nora found herself swimming in silk, literally and figuratively, and Luke got to play hero.  His fear for her was so sweet, caring, and his concern for her well-being and safety was truly touching.  He knew that there was more to his feelings of the beginnings of love, but protectiveness and comfort was in abundance here.  Nora was absolutely stunning in not just how she was dressed for the evening but in how she stood up to her ex.  She was mature, strong, bold, and not in any way timid and accommodating as she had been previously in their relationship.  I was glad to see him get his comeuppance.  Then there's the surprise visitor on her doorstep at the end of the night that hints at confrontation, confessions, and a bit of conflict.  I'm eagerly anticipating what comes next!

 Six Impossible Things Part 5, Skylar Hill

Six Impossible Things: Part Six by [Hill, Skylar]Learning to fly sounds pretty straightforward, yeah?  I'm sure you're picturing a small plane that Luke either owns or can borrow from a friend to show Nora beautiful views and then lets her hold the joystick thing and fly them around for a bit.  Or maybe they go to a school run by a friend of Luke and they get a chance to learn to fly that way.  Or perhaps they go sky diving with aerial acrobatics or something.  Well I was wrong in all ways I could imagine.  So creative!!  I love getting surprised.  They flying lesson they took was nothing that I would have thought of at all and yet it was so perfect for Nora and for the couple that I was blown away.  With a sense of freedom, exhilaration, and joy they flew.  Genius.

So we knew the conflict was coming.  We knew that there would probably be a discussion and a bit of overreaction and a possible separation until rational minds prevailed.  We knew there might be an unexpected reveal that would cause misunderstandings and feelings of betrayal.  Well, what we thought we knew was only correct in part.  Combining a bit of all of those things we have Luke finding out the truth behind his brother's actions and Nora admitting to crossing invisible lines in their relationship.  The way things were handled, though, was immensely mature, honest, emotional, and ended with a feeling of hope and determination.  I love this couple and how they feel things deeply, react, and then use their heads to reason with their hearts and come out stronger individually and together.

With the last book coming I'm sad that we're getting to the end but I'm so very happy to read about reconciliation, forgiveness, and their own happily ever after.  So excited!!

 Six Impossible Things: Part 6, Skylar Hill

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