Marked to the Omega, Ashe Moon

Marked to the Omega (Luna Brothers Book 3) by [Moon, Ashe]

This is my first book from this author and I found that I liked the flow of the story and how she got a lot of the angst and frustration from the beginning to be present yet subtle enough to not overwhelm.  There are a lot of barriers between Cristophe and Mason and neither are sure exactly how to breach them.  For Christophe it's a matter of class, family, the truth of prophecy, and pride.  For Mason it's money, background, crimes, status, and family.  Where do they go to be together?  And is that even what they want?

Christophe comes from a high clan and is the first alpha of the family.  He has a legacy and a duty to uphold.  He's not going to fold under the pressure of all that responsibility but he does increasingly feel like he's being buried alive under it.  He longs for a mate and part of him is holding out for the fated mate promised him as a child by the Teller.  With a birthmark and a long-ago promise to guide him he keeps his eyes and heart open to the possibility but is becoming less and less sure that he'll find the one meant for him.  When a large party draws in unexpected company he's surprised and shocked to find what he was looking the eyes of a thief.

Mason is struggling.  His whole family is struggling.  Their pack is suffering from a high clan that takes advantage of them by literally bleeding them dry.  When Mason and his sister find the only way to pay their pack fees and feed themselves is by stealing from the rich they find that they're beginning to make a name for themselves.  Not a good thing when the richest of the rich are out to catch you and make you pay for inconveniencing their pocketbooks.  With a determination to pull one last job they make their hit the Luna house.  It turns out to be the last job for sure, but not in a way they were expecting.  Mason gets caught and has to face the music.  Will it be exile?  Or a worse fate?

When Christophe's father gives him authority to make the judgment on Mason he doesn't realize he's setting them on a course to fulfill fate's dictates.  Christophe uses his head and his heart to see that the thief is honorable, if a bit misguided, and is determined to help him.  And maybe, just maybe, find out if he really is the fated mate he thinks he is.  They grow together and find themselves drawn back to one another time and time again.  I like that they get to know one another in a more innocent way before they give in to the passion that gnaws at both of them.  Building a foundation of trust, genuine like, and sharing of selves they set a path toward a truly happy HEA...if only the Luna family would get on board.

With a ton of overlap these two are able to make something out of nothing and find out if they truly are fated mates and what that means for their future.  Once discovered and decided they work toward finding acceptance, not just of them, but of their bond.  With love and compassion, and a grandchild, things find a way to work out.  I like the ending quite a lot because they find resolution through family, the same family that was so sure that duty should be honored before love and fate.  Overall, this was a good story that had a lot of high points and very few lows.  The writing itself was pleasing and flowed well, though I wish there was a bit more depth on the page, something to really sink my teeth into rather than just like from afar, if that makes sense.  Solid characters with personal and relationship growth make for a good story and a sweet conclusion.

 Marked to the Omega, Ashe Moon

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