Making A Family Parts 1-5, Rosa Swann

Making a Family (7 Book Series) by  Rosa Swann

Faking a Husband (Making a Family 1) by [Swann, Rosa]Aiden, an overwhelmed omega just got the worst news of probably his life.  Clay, an interested and concerned alpha just found a possible solution to his own version of bad news.  Together they might be able to solve one another's problems.  But only if they can pull off a little deception along the way.  Surely nothing will go wrong, right?  When Clay realizes he needs a date to his sister's wedding he takes the opportunity to offer Aiden help in turn for helping him out.  Aiden is more than willing to accept the aid even though he's a little dubious of Clay's intentions.

We get a pretty good idea of the type of man Clay is, a good one, and the way he helps with Aiden and Seb endears him to us very quickly.  Aiden is frazzled and incredibly insecure.  From the start I'm a bigger fan of Clay and more than a little intrigued about his family situation.  With a lot of emphasis on appearances it seems that Clay is missing what's really going on with his family and I'm interested to know how all of that will play out.

Between Aiden and Clay, however, things are a little simpler.  They're passionate for one another and with an unexpected heat there comes a large complication for their little deception.  Aiden's reaction seems to be over the top and this episode ends with more questions than answers about why Aiden reacted the way he did.  Same with Wes' cryptic comments to his brother.  There are a lot of things to cover in subsequent books in this serial and it will be interesting to see how each issue is presented and resolved.  For now, though, it seems that Faking a Husband is about to become a little more real than either Aiden or Clay intended...  2 stars.

 Faking A Husband: Making A Family, Rosa Swann

Becoming a Boyfriend (Making a Family 2) by [Swann, Rosa]This is getting more interesting.  I really appreciate Clay's gentleness and understanding of Aiden.  They try really hard to grow closer despite Aiden's incredible hesitance.  Aiden is incredibly insecure and I'm not sure if I see it getting better any time soon.  There is a lot of history with him that isn't really explained and I do feel badly for him with his situation which does nothing to make things better or easier for him.  Clay is a wonderful partner, though, and is doing his best to bring Aiden into the warmth and light he can provide.  As a caring alpha he's aware that you catch more bees with honey than with vinegar and he doesn't let his frustration rule his interactions with his omega.  He's serious about Aiden and is willing to do what it takes to make Aiden comfortable with him.

Their run-in at the Farmer's Market with Aiden's family, though, that was unexpectedly frustrating.  Aiden finally decided to let Clay in and his feelings become overwhelmed under his parents' disapproval and judgment.  His brother Nic is also quite frustrating and I'm very interested to see if he gets a handle on himself and becomes the kind of alpha Aiden would be proud of.  Overall, the second addition shows me that Clay is still such a good man and is determined to be the support Aiden needs going forward.  2.5 stars.

 Becoming A Boyfriend: Making A Family, Rosa Swann

Raising an Omega  (Making a Family 3) by [Swann, Rosa]I'm sure there's something in the Omegaverse that I'm missing because the stigma against being an omega and even an un-mated one I'm not getting why it would cause such serious breakdowns.  I can understand the fear of not being supported and having a good partnership, but the complete crackup is kind of overkill.  I feel like this was way bigger of an issue than it needed to be and part of that is the lack of understanding I have for Aiden's issues.  A general sense is given and hints are also given about how bad things can be for an omega but I'm not getting why it's such a monumental deal that everyone seems to abandon, judge, avoid, abuse, or collapse emotionally and mentally when it comes to omegas and finding out the omega status of children.
So yes, Aiden is insecure and very worried about Seb and his future but he has all the skills he needs, not to mention the support of a great alpha like Clay, and most importantly, his heart is already full of love for Seb.  His insecurities are getting in the way of being who he needs to be for Seb.  I have hope for their future because of Clay but only if Aiden opens his eyes to what he truly has.  2 stars.

 Raising An Omega: Making A Family, Rosa Swann

Saving a Sibling (Making a Family 4) by [Swann, Rosa]We finally get to see what's going on with Wes and it's appalling.  I kind of suspected what was going on back in Faking a Husband but the extent is pretty ridiculous.  We don't get to meet his alpha but that confrontation is going to be big, I think.  Clay isn't sure what to do but he knows that he has to do something.  With Aiden's suggestions and concern for Clay's brother we get to see Aiden make suggestions and a grateful Clay.  As a true partnership they get to care for Wes and his brood.  They're committed to one another and providing a nurturing and safe place for those in need.

Aiden and Clay are coming together nicely.  I was apprehensive about the quality of the story after the last book but this one redeems Aiden for me.  He finally shows his strength and I like this new Aiden.  With Clay's love and care he's growing and improving as a person because he no longer needs to do everything on his own.  With the support of friends and family Wes now gets to have his own taste of the new Clay with a strong Aiden by his side.  3 stars.

 Saving A Sibling: Making A Family, Rosa Swann

Marrying a Mate (Making a Family 5) by [Swann, Rosa]Such sweetness and hope fill this story.  There's a lot of turmoil going on around Clay and Aiden with family drama but their friends and family continue to show their love and commitment to them.  Surprising additions to the support system have me excited to see how large the love will grow around these men.  With a wedding and some absolutely perfect words from the officiant I'm really growing to enjoy Aiden and Clay together.  Aiden is continuing to improve and show his true self.  He's blossoming under all the love and care Clay gives him.  Their passion is also growing and they're growing closer and closer as time passes.  Despite only meeting and mating a few short weeks ago, they're more of a true partnership than poor Wes and his mate of years.  Wes' current situation, though, is taking an unfortunate turn.  The happiness and love ad celebration throughout most of the story takes a huge turn when they come to Wes' home for the cliffhanger.  3.5 stars.

 Marrying A Mate: Making A Family, Rosa Swann

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