Force, M. Malone

 Force by [Malone, M.]

When we first meet Jonas and JJ in Shameless they're separate entities, both are strong and committed to their friendships with Noah and Lucia, respectively.  When they first meet each other the sparks fly...and so does the fur.  Every word out of their mouths to one another is meant to annoy to the max.  They also make it more than clear that they're destined to either kill the other or end up in bed.

I loved JJ's fierceness. She's feisty without being a total B and has a ton of creativity and intelligence. She's loyal and good and even a bit vulnerable. In the Shameless series we are introduced to a spitfire who has Lucia's back 100%...almost, but that's just because hearing someone is seeing a ghost from the past would prompt anyone to respond like she did. But then there's a ghost from her own past she thought was gone. Maybe not dead, but nowhere near her. At least until she's awoken by a fire in her apartment.

Now looking over her shoulder at every turn and in so much denial that she begins to isolate herself from those that could support and protect her only Jonas, the hotter than sin and annoying as hell member of Blake Security seems to break through her walls. Jonas is determined to reciprocate her animosity because even though she's sexier than his fantasies, she's just as irksome as he is. Until a kiss born of fear and emotional upheaval throws that determination out the window. Now he's bombarded by sensations he thought were firmly locked down and coupled with his need to protect, there's no escape from JJ.

Their chemistry is combustible and they're so good together in and out of the bedroom. I really liked their humor, especially the ridiculous insults that come out of JJ's mouth (although repeating the same one four times is a bit much), and with the ending being not just abrupt but affecting more than just JJ, we're looking at a team-wide reckoning coming.

There's more from Matthias in this book. Where Shameless was only Lucia and Noah, Force is JJ, Jonas, and Matthias. Perhaps to give us a natural lead-in to a third connected series? Time will tell on that one. Either way, it was a bit confusing to read a little bit from Matthias, but only because it was a different voice, not because it didn't flow with the story.

Overall, the book was really good and I'm very excited for its conclusion! I was happy to read and review this ARC from the author.

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 Shame by [Malone, M.]
I am his light in the darkness…

Five years ago my brother was killed right in front of me and I was forced to make a decision that has haunted me ever since. I lost one protector but I gained another. Noah has always taken care of me.

Then I find out that he’s keeping secrets.

I am the thing that goes bump in the night. I am a liar, a protector...a killer... I am Noah Blake.

There is only one light in my darkness, one bright ray in the storm of my life. Lucia DeMarco. And I’ll do anything for her. Anything except show her who I really am...

An assassin.

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